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Brand New Version of SivaSiva App!


A new version of SivaSiva App is now available! With an all new home screen, faster navigation, new personalisation features, a new Stories menu (more to come), a Topics of Interest feature, a user guide and more. It now works well on Android! Yay!

Go to Google Play:

or Apple App Store:
Look forward to tutorial videos coming soon.

6 Responses to “Brand New Version of SivaSiva App!”

  1. Pethuraja says:


  2. Nera says:

    Superb šŸ‘šŸ™šŸ‘Iā€™m enjoying it .

  3. Thilaiampalam Sivayogapathy says:

    Aum Namasivaya!

    Aum Guru parampara Thiruvadi Thunai!

    Vanakkam to All Sivathondars!

    Our Paramaguru Yogaswami’s Natchinthanai (Good Thoughts)

    Says as Follows:

    Associate ever with GOD’s Noble Servants—–Siva, Siva.

    Think Well and then only undertake Action—-Siva,Siva.

    No matter what others may say——————-Siva,Siva.

    Though the whole World may hate & oppose you—Siva,Siva.

    The saying of Great men that JIVA is Siva——-Siva,Siva.

    Is there anything that is destroyed or Created—Siva,Siva.

    Without spoiling your work in the World ——Siva,Siva.

    Our Atma is of all precious things the most precious—Siva, Siva.

    It is proper for us on this earth to live Gladly——Siva, Siva.

    Our Guru has given the Excellent Statement——Siva, Siva.

    “Wherever You are there will I also be”——-Siva,Siva.

    Aum Siva, Siva! Aum Shanthi!

    Mikka Nanri (Thank you),

    Anpudan,(With Love),


  4. Jegadessa Chenganna says:

    A timely innerworld presentation. Youth will love this. Thank you. Aum Namasivaya

  5. Ahila Devi Ganesan says:

    Aum NamaSivaya,
    The app is awesome. Thank you.
    A direct link to Shum Meditation will be much appreciated. I desperately need it.


  6. Jai Sivakumara says:

    This is must have for devotees. Aum. There is so much this app delivers to devotees, that one really needs to take time to explore it’s many great features. The following are a but few of the many excellent deliverables I am immensely grateful for:
    o A large collection of all Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami talks, well organized and easily accessed.
    o The Hindu Calendar, with an easy way to tailor it to your city or a city near you.
    o Informative videos all in one place, including all the videos that make the History of Hindu India series.
    o A superb selection of Bhajans and other religious music.
    0 And there is so much more. In summary comprehensive and spectacular! Aum.

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