Swami Vivekananda Music Video

History Music Video Part Four, Song One

“Swami Vivekananda” is the tenth song in Hinduism Today’s History of Hindu India Music Video series. It is a song for children intended to complement the fourth of our popular History of Hindu India documentaries, “Hindu India: 1850 to 1947.” The documentaries and songs neatly supplement the study of India and the Hindu religion in American middle schools. This video covers in brief the life of Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) one of the key figures in the ultimate independence of India and resurgence of the Hindu religion.

This song is based on the fourth chapter of the textbook, “The History of Hindu India,” published in 2011. It covers Indian history from 1850 to 1947, from when the British Crown took over direct control of India from the East India Company to Independence. Under British rule, economic exploitation of the subcontinent increased, resulting in frequent famine and deprivation across the once wealthy land. A determined and mostly nonviolent freedom movement emerged and finally succeeded, resulting in the formation of modern India and Muslim Pakistan in 1947.

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  1. toshadeva says:

    lovely, thank you

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  3. Praveen Kumar says:

    very nice. thank you

  4. Bhavani Param says:

    Beautiful! It is especially lovely to see the very expressive singers.

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