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A Preview of Iraivan Temple’s Tiruvasi

Recently, Jiva Rajasankara sent the aadheenam a photo of the bronze tiruvasi that is currently being created in India. This tiruvasi will stand behind Iriavan Temple's crystal Sivalingam. It is done in a slightly more traditional and ancient-looking style than is commonly seen today and will look wonderful against the sanctum's polished red granite. Aum Namah Sivaya.

6 Responses to “A Preview of Iraivan Temple’s Tiruvasi”

  1. deva seyon says:

    Wow! That photoshop mock-up takes your breath away! The REALITY of Iraivan and countless millions of dreams coming true is a bit overwhelming!

  2. Devajyothi says:

    Mind blowing. The descent of Siva in the Iraivan temple sounds wonderful

  3. holly young says:

    I agree… Wow!

  4. Vatshalan says:

    The second image really does take your breath away….in shock and awe! Eyes await to behold this on the physical plane too.

  5. Amey Gangal says:

    Amazing! Cannot wait to see it!

  6. Roshan Sivayogam says:

    Aum Na Ma Si Va Ya.

    This artwork came on time (last Sunday Satguru Talked about Iraivan)

    Jai Jai Satguru Bodhinathaji ke. Jai

    Thank you all.

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