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Upadesha On Shum – Dimensions of the Mind


Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami reads and comments on a series of talks which Gurudeva gave in the 1970s. The talks have been compiled into a book, called The Seven Dimensions of the Mind. Bodhinatha starts out with the seventh dimension, goes through Part 1 and 2, then the sixth dimension. This is a rare look at the universe, both physical and subtle, deepening our understanding of the mind.

Seventh Dimension, Part 1

Seventh Dimension, Part 2

Sixth Dimension, Part 1

Sixth Dimension, Part 2

Fifth Dimension, Part 1

One Response to “Upadesha On Shum – Dimensions of the Mind”

  1. Mangaleswary Vimalanathan says:

    Thank you Satguru Bodhinatha for revealing infomation about seven dimensions to us. Very useful. 🙏

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