Himalayan Academy Thinkific Courses

A reminder that Himalayan Academy has a thriving series of online learning courses. More than 500 people have signed up thus far. We chose the THINKIFIC platform (they have more than 40,000 teachers!) and have created some extensive and some simple material for students of our teachings. The entire Master Course trilogy is there, in three parts. So is our youth catechism Path to Siva, in both the teenage version and the 8-year-old simplified form. There is a course on Know Thy Self. Beginning to Meditate is our newest addition. The lessons are illustrated and designed to take ten minutes a day, or less.

As we all know, this is how learning is done in the digital age. You can be anywhere in the world and study the courses, pass the tests and follow the suggested practices.

We are working on more lessons. Meantime, visit Thinkific's site here (https://courses.himalayanacademy.com/) and begin your study.

Om Namah Sivaya!

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