New Sign for the Banyan Tree

Back in 2004 during Guru Purnima monks and devotees gathered to plant this special banyan tree. It's called Pillar Banyan and the official name is Ficus bengalensis. At the time of planting it was about 10 inches tall in a one-gallon pot.

It grew, and grew. If you look closely at this photo, to the right you will see that the branches of the tree engulfed the original sign which was attached to the trunk and is now barely visible. So we made a new sign recently, and with knowledge added by experience put it well away from the tree.

Something a bit charming is happening. The tree is surrounding some granite stones we stored near it years ago, swallowing them (see other photos). One day they will be inside the tree.

This will be an immense tree one day. There is one in Bengal that was so big Alexander the Great camped his entire army of 7,000 soldiers under it during his failed attempt to conquer India. You can read the new sign for more background.

The tree will live for two thousand years or more, growing old along with Iraivan Temple.

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