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Tirukural – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Glory

Verse 234
By their good deeds, feeding and clothing the indigent, this couple has earned the abundant blessings of the celestials. So valued is this simple and selfless act, that the devas ignore the sages and yogis below.

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Verse 231

Give to the poor and become praiseworthy.
Life offers no greater reward than this.

Verse 232

Those who expound will always praise
people who bestow alms on the imploring poor.

Verse 233

Nothing on Earth is imperishable,
except exalted glory, which endures forever.

Verse 234

So great is glory gained by men in this world
that celestials cease praising ascended sages.

Verse 235

Loss that is gain and death that is life of
immortal glory are attained only by the wise.

Verse 236

If you must be born, be born for glory.
Those born without it would be better off without birth.

Verse 237

Why do those whose life is devoid of renown blame enemies
who hate them, when they have themselves to blame?

Verse 238

Barren are they and deemed a disgrace by all men on Earth
who fail to beget the offspring called fame.

Verse 239

Even flawlessly fruitful lands will lessen their yields
when forced to support the body of one who lacks illustriousness.

Verse 240

Those who live without reproach truly live.
Those who live without renown don’t live at all.

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