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Tirukural – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Avoidance of Fraud

Verse 284
Here we see various forms of stealing. A teenager breaks into the temple lockbox, another snatches jewelry from a hapless woman and a third, the owner of a pawnshop, is cheating an old woman of her jewelry’s true value.

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Verse 281

He who wishes not to be scorned by others
guards his own mind against the slightest thought of fraud.

Verse 282

The mere thought of sin is sin. Therefore,
avoid even the thought of stealing from another.

Verse 283

A fortune amassed by fraud may appear to prosper
but will all too soon perish altogether.

Verse 284

Taking delight in defrauding others yields the fruit
of undying suffering when those delights ripen.

Verse 285

Benevolent thoughts and kindly feelings flee from those
who watch for another’s unwatchfulness to swindle his property.

Verse 286

Those who walk deceit’s desirous path
cannot hope to work wisdom’s measured way.

Verse 287

The dark deceits of fraud cannot be found
in those who desire the greatness called virtue.

Verse 288

As righteousness resides in the hearts of the virtuous,
so does deceit dwell in the hearts of thieves.

Verse 289

Men who know nothing but deception die a little
each time they contrive their crooked deeds.

Verse 290

Even the life in his body will abandon him who cheats others,
while Heaven itself never forsakes those who are honest.

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