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Hinduism Today’s Latest Issue

Jai Ganasha!

Hinduism Today's latest issue has gone to press and is now available online. You can also download our free Hinduism Today app and get the entire magazine in a mobile-friendly format for your device at

For easy access, here is this issue's table of contents:

In My Opinion: "What's Your Real Name?"
Reflections on the cultural, religious and social importance found within our moniker
Essential Ingredients for a Powerful Puja
Pondering the mystical elements and knowledge behind Hinduism's major form of temple worship
Global Dharma
Quotes & Quips
From the Upanishads: At Life's End
Vedic elucidations on the natural transition from human life
Surveys: Nepal Youth Speak Out
Meet a generation balancing the nation's religious and cultural heritage with the impact of modern philosophies and issues
Hindu Heroes: Sewa Tackles the Covid-19 Crisis
Teams from BAPS, HSS and Chinmaya Mission join Sewa International on the front lines to help the most vulnerable during the continuing pandemic
Editorial: Rice with Spice Is Twice as Nice
The fascinating biography and "i didn't know that" facts of the unpretentious grain that feeds half the world
Insight: Raising Children As Good Hindus
Parents Are the First Gurus in Religion, Culture and Character
Dharma: Gita Press Runs into Its Next Century
The venerable religious press has printed more than 700 million books and pamphlets, including 141 million copies of the Bhagavad Gita
Next Generation: A Forum for Budding Hindu Authors
Four stories from Hinduism Today's intern writing program bode well for the future of Hindu journalism
Sadhana: A Daily Regimen of Hindu Practices
Advice for establishing a regular routine of spiritual practice leading to a more fulfilling inner life and a more effective outer life
Spices: The Wonders of Coriander
For at least four thousand years, this versatile herb has enlivened the dishes and drinks of cuisines across the world
Digital Dharma

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  2. deva seyon says:

    Simply wonderful, wonderful, to have the entire HT-linked table of contents now presented on TAKA! Super convenient! *AND* the more than mind-expanding return of the “Editorial” at last! -Such a “tasty” treat!!!

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