Small Projects Around the Aadheenam

Recently the monastery acquired some large commercial food dehydrators at our Noni processing building. We use them during sunny days when they can fully run off solar power. As a recent experiment we tried drying some of our many green house tomatoes and have made our first jar of "sun" dried tomatoes. Technically the energy that dried them did come from the sun after all. In other areas our monks are having fun baking bread and other tasty homemade edibles on their retreat days. Out in the shop some of our monks are working on important repairs to vehicles and more.

6 Responses to “Small Projects Around the Aadheenam”

  1. Natalie Levin says:

    So industrious! and YUM, your bread look fantastic!

  2. Pethuraja says:


  3. Amma Anne Deer says:


  4. Sankuthi says:

    Jai Jai Shree Maha Ganesh
    Thank you Swamis for this delicious post. You deserve a Michelin award and a handsome remuneration! Amazing feat. A handful of Spiritual Monks in action.
    Aum Namasivaya

  5. Anil Ananda Badhwar says:

    Yummy. Sundried tomatoes are tasty snack and pizza topping. Aum.

  6. Rajendra Giri says:

    Thank you.

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