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Lavarock Wall Update – April 9th

Jai Ganesha!

Recently our masonry team, who has been building the lava rock wall around Iraivan Temple, has completed the rock laying on the north side of the foundation. They had already completed the east side which faces Rishi Valley. The North end of the temple faces Dakshinamurti, and with this section completed, the team is focused on completed the west side which is already quite far along. Aum.

5 Responses to “Lavarock Wall Update – April 9th”

  1. Pethuraja says:


  2. Astur says:

    Magnificent — but Why are the elephants circumambulating it in the Muslim way, counterclockwise?

  3. admin says:

    Aum. The Elephants are in temporary positions, awaiting their installation on the steps leading up to the temple.

  4. deva Seyon says:

    A giant leap in the manifestation of Gurudeva’s vision and the blessings that will flow for generations! Congratulations to our monks!

  5. Rajendra Giri says:

    Looks great.
    Thank you.

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