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Happy Hanuman Jayanti!

This upcoming full moon is Lord Hanuman’s Jayanti.
A wonderful time to inwardly connect with this powerful God of Service and Devotion.
Aum Anjaneyaya Namah

Swinging through the trees is my delight.
Romping in the leaves is my instinctive mind.
As you play in the force fields of your emotions,
I hang and scratch myself.
We are the same in that respect.
As you maneuver through your intellect,
I sit with eyes wide with a banana in my mouth,
Accruing dismay at what you have become
And think you are.
My inner body is Supreme, as tall as Mount Kailas.
I trample the earth.
My footprints are everywhere.
Have you seen them in your mind?
They look like humility.
For I am the funniest,
the lowliest of creatures,
Tall and short, big and small,
Somehow able to be of service to Him,
my Siva. He is very busy. He keeps me upon my toes.
He makes me almost Human.
For I cannot be instinctive around Him,
Nor can I think like you do, or I used to.
He is free, and I’m alert.
He doesn’t see me, but I serve Him.
My timing is perfect.
I learned that because I fear Him,
Because I love Him, my Siva.
Take heed of this message.
I applies to me and you.
These constant reminders are the sandal and the shoe
Which support us from the blisters on the path,
Of our ego and His wrath.
I love my Siva.
I would do anything for Him.
He keeps me swinging toward His favor.
And I love my Siva;
I don’t know who I am.
I gave me up long ago
When I let go
The last branch.

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    Aum Namah Shivay!

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