Tirukural – Chapter 38

Section IV: Destiny

Chapter 38: Destiny

Verse 374
At the bottom of the painting a man finds himself at a crossroads. On one side there lies the richness of worldly wealth and family possessions. The other path leads to a saint in an orange robes with hands above his head expressive of his blissful state. A man may choose to tread either path.

TAKA Presents the Tirukural

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Weaver’s Wisdom

Verse 371

When destiny ordains wealth, it gives birth to industriousness.
When it decrees a life of loss, it inspires only idleness.

Verse 372

That destiny which decreases prosperity increases ignorance.
That destiny which diminishes loss expands knowledge.

Verse 373

However subtle the sundry texts he studies,
a man is left with his native intelligence.

Verse 374

Two natural ways are ordained in this world.
Securing wealth is one. Seeking wisdom’s light is another.

Verse 375

In karma’s presence, sure success with wealth can fail,
and certain failure can succeed.

Verse 376

Though you guard it well, what destiny does not decree disappears.
Though you cast it aside, what destiny calls yours will not depart.

Verse 377

A man may amass millions, but its enjoyment
will never exceed the portion allotted to him.

Verse 378

The poor are practically ascetics and would renounce if only karma,
approaching with experiences yet to be, would pass them by.

Verse 379

Why should those who rejoice when destiny brings them good
moan when that same destiny decrees misfortune?

Verse 380

What is there that is mightier than destiny?
For it is present even in the plans we devise to overcome it.

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    Jai Jai Shree Maha Ganesh!
    Thank you Swamis for this timely post. This morning before seeing this post I was discussing with a Christian Friend of mine in the neighboring State about it. She was a bit baffled yet very polite! Come DECEMBER 2023 which path will I choose, I myself do not know yet. I am convinced by then I will do the right thing!

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    Thank you.

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