Let the Panchakshara Shine!

Aum. Recent progress on Iraivan Temple has included many little projects by the silpis, including a good deal of work to ensure the waterproof longevity of several misbehaving roof joints. The gold gilding on the caps stones has also recommenced with Micheal and his team having recently arrived back on island (but more on that to come). This week, Adaikalam has been finishing up his task of polishing the Panchakshara symbols on the steps which lead to Iraivan’s sanctum. As you can see these dark “Na Ma Si Va Ya” squares now have greater contrast and visibility. This last layer of chiseling, using something of a “sand-paper” like chisel tip, can be vary time consuming, but the results are always astonishing.

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  1. Pethuraja says:


  2. Nigel Siva says:

    Ganapathi Thunai.
    The Tamil letter “Ya” (ய) represents the “soul.”
    When you look at this, you see “Ya” (ய) the “soul” is closest to the Sivalingam within the sanctum.
    Aum Sivaya Namah Aum

  3. Easan says:

    So elegant and eye-catching. Maybe one day the mamsani will also look like this.

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