Hinduism Today’s Latest Issue Released!

The latest issue of Hinduism Today Magazine is now available to read on our website at:

You can also find the PDF or Epub on our downloads pages, and if you’d like to view the magazine on mobile, you can also use our free Hinduism Today Mobile App.

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  1. Pethuraja says:


  2. deva seyon says:

    It is hard to wrap your mind around what Hinduism Today IS and has become in breadth, and scope, and purpose. Who could have launched a small ship into the middle of the Hindu Universe, where almost any statement has 10,000 different waves crashing over it the minute it is put to paper (or screen) and survived. Not only survived decade after decade but grown and expanded to become the flagship and meeting place for the Hindu Universe. It would have taken a vision from One who Knows, One who sits in the chair at the top – how else would it have been possible? It would have also taken a group of Great Souls surrounding Him who would give their unconditional heart & soul to His vision. That is the miracle we all witness every time a new issue arrives.

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