A New Water Tank for Our Monastic Greenhouses

Jai Ganesha!

Recently we've completed the initial installation of a 10,000 gallon water tank next to our vegetable greenhouses. This tank will put us another step forward in our effort of self-sufficiency (and if we forgot to mention, the greenhouses already use solar power to operate). Currently the greenhouses rely heavily on county water to grow our vegetables. We have a localized, natural water source we can use as well, but it requires us to run UV and extra filtering. This new water tank will act as a reservoir for rainwater. As our prolific Kauaiian rains fall upon the greenhouse, the water will be channeled down to the tank. When the tank reaches a certain level, the greenhouse will automatically draw water from the tank rather than the county. If we get enough rain, we'll be able to grow our plants with significantly less reliance on country water, and as an added bonus, rainwater is a neutral pH and doesn't contain any additives or carbonates. This makes it very easy to mix the proper nutrient mixtures for our many growing plants!

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    What a sensible plan. We are watching and learning.

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