Tirukural – Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Perseverance

Verse 615
An energetic weaver works at his loom, smiling with the joy of working hard to support his family. Behind him his wife is adorned with good clothes and jewelry. She lovingly takes care of her father as the children are studying industriously. The man’s hard work has brought abundance to the family.

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Weaver’s Wisdom

Verse 611

Never say in weakness, “This task is too difficult.”
Perseverance will confer the ability to accomplish it.

Verse 612

Beware of leaving any work undone, remembering that the world
abandons those who abandon their work unfinished.

Verse 613

The pride of profuse giving dwells only
with the dignity of diligent effort.

Verse 614

Like the swordsmanship of an effeminate man, the philanthropy
of those who avoid hard work will end in failure.

Verse 615

Standing like a pillar, he who prefers work to pleasure
supports his family and sweeps away their every sad sorrow.

Verse 616

Perseverance generates prosperity,
and the lack of it engenders poverty.

Verse 617

They say the black ogress called Misfortune lurks in laziness,
while Goddess Fortune lingers in the laboring toils of active men.

Verse 618

To be destitute of good fortune is no one’s disgrace, but shame
belongs to those devoid of wisdom and tenacity.

Verse 619

Though destiny decrees that one’s deeds will fail,
the wages for determined work are always paid.

Verse 620

Those who strive with tireless exertion and remain undaunted
will live to behold the backside of retreating Fate.

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