Tirukural – Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Being Undaunted by Troubles

Verse 625
A man is confronted with multiple troubles and tribulations. His mother is ill and his wife has fallen and hurt her arms. Behind, the fields are dry and lifeless. He persists despite the many troubles, and for this is blessed by a deva.

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Verse 621

Laugh when troubles come your way.
Nothing conquers calamity better than that.

Verse 622

A tide of troubles will recede the moment
an intelligent man’s mind collects itself to face them.

Verse 623

Trouble itself they send away troubled
who do not trouble themselves at the sight of it.

Verse 624

Troubles will feel troubled facing a man who faces them
like the determined bullock that wades through every difficulty.

Verse 625

Though massed upon him like a mountain,
a man’s afflictions will be crushed by his undaunted will.

Verse 626

Those who do not clutch their wealth, boasting, “I have so much,”
will not, in poorer times, bemoan, “I have so little.”

Verse 627

Knowing this body to be the prey of misery,
high souls, expecting troubles, do not find them troublesome.

Verse 628

Declaring difficulties to be perfectly natural,
those who do not pursue life’s pleasures will not suffer its sorrows.

Verse 629

He who does not long for joy in joy
will not suffer sorrow in sorrow.

Verse 630

The man who does not distinguish pain from pleasure
becomes so distinguished that even enemies hope to pay homage.

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