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Worshiping Siva as a Pillar of Light

Several days ago during the Krittika nakshatra, Satguru, the mathavasis and local members observed Krittika Deepam. This is a time when God Siva is celebrated as an infinite pillar of light, usually by lighting a large lamp or flame. Many Murugan temples observe this festival since Muruga's energies are easily felt during the Krittika nakshatra. In some instances, most notably atop Arunachala, a giant bonfire is lit to represent the divine and all permeating light of Parashakti. This year we celebrated in front of Iraivan Temple. Several monks set up a pillar of dried palm fronds, imbued with large amounts of camphor and ghee. Upon everyone's arrival at sunset, an arati was performed and the fronds were then lit in a brightly burning blaze of billowing darshan. Aum.

"Now have I realized the path of Hara. In the past I sought Him in narrow paths and strayed. Lo! All the while He stood before me like a beacon light in firmament, guiding my voyage across the sea of my soul's longing. The path of Siva is the proven path. It led them to Hara. It is the royal path that renowned souls have walked, the path divine that took the devout to cosmic space. That path do seek, enter and persevere. Still your wandering thoughts, chant the sacred syllable 'Shi' and so persevere on the path of Hara. You shall envision primal light effulgent."
Tirumantiram 1562-1563

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    Wonderful! And the quote so beautiful.

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