Many Guests at Year’s End

There have been the forms of Siva that have walked through the Aadheenam's gates of late. From 9:00am to noon, one will find a vast variety of worshipful, intrigued and smiling faces as guests, new and old, explore the area around areas around our entrance, our gift shop and around Kadavul Temple. We've had many Hindu pilgrims arrive to give their family's a more religious holiday season, as well as many others who have come to the island for a short vacation from life on the mainland and elsewhere.

"Hospitality flows from Siva's followers like sweet music from a vina. Guests are treated as Gods. Friends, relatives, acquaintances, even strangers, are humbled by the overwhelming, ever-willing attention received." - Gurudeva

Click through the slideshow to read a few of our many guests' google maps reviews from the last few months.

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