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Tirukural – Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Dread of Begging

Verse 1065
A toy maker has labored in the sun all day to produce small wooden toys for the market. He takes a break when his wife brings a simple bowl of sweet rice for his lunch. Though it is not a feast, he finds it enormously enjoyable.

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Verse 1061

It is ten million times better not to beg, even from those
precious men whose joy is giving and who thus never refuse.

Verse 1062

Were it the World-Creator’s wish for men to live by begging,
men might wish that He, too, die a wandering beggar.

Verse 1063

There is no greater foolhardiness than to say,
“I shall end the pains of poverty by begging.”

Verse 1064

This entire world is too small to contain the dignity of men
who will not stoop to beg, even in the direst destitution.

Verse 1065

Though it is only gruel, thin as water, nothing is more savory
than food that is earned by the labor of one’s own hands.

Verse 1066

The tongue finds nothing more distasteful than begging,
even just to beg drinking water for a cow.

Verse 1067

This I beg of all beggars:
“If you must beg, beg not from misers.”

Verse 1068

The unsturdy ship called begging will break apart
the moment it crashes against the rock of refusal.

Verse 1069

Thoughts of a beggar’s plight melt the heart.
Thoughts of refusals he receives crush it completely.

Verse 1070

Having said “no” to a beggar, knowing it might kill the poor man,
where is a miser going to hide from his word?

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