Watching Trees Grow

The rows of tall trees in the center of this photo (notice a tiny Yogi Adinatha at the base of them) is a small part of our larger koa planting. This endeavor has been quite successful, and we understand ours to be the largest recent planting of koa in the state. Scientists at the Hawaii Agricultural Research Center have bred these trees specifically to be resistant to the infamous koa wilt disease, which is ravaging much of the island's koa trees.

Off to Arizona!

Last night, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Sannyasin Yoginathaswami caught an outbound flight to Phoenix, Arizona. While there they'll be attending the Kumbha Abhishekam for the Mahaganapati Temple of Arizona.

Lightning Damage

Yogi Mayuranatha helps get the Ganapati Kulam's wifi back online after the intense thunder and lightning damaged all of the monastery's internet. With a new cable it seems everything is actually faster than before. Thanks to everyone who put in the extra hours to get everything up and running.

Monastery Rides Out Storm

We want to assure our CyberCadets that all is well at the monastery this morning.

It's true that Kauai has just gone through a powerful rain storm that brought floods and landslides to the North Shore, which took the brunt of the storm. In 24 hours there were 27 inches of rain in the Hanalei area.

At the monastery there were strong rains, but not THAT strong. More like 5-7 inches. Still, the Wailua River rose to a level not seen in about 17 years, rising a full ten feet from normal! That brought a mountain of fallen trees down stream, which are now piled up on the banks of the Nani Kaua pond! In 50 years we have not seen such a massive amount of debris here.

Otherwise, the rain did not cause any real damage. A little erosion on the roads and a lot of mud on our vehicles. We are glad to report that the sun is meekly peeking through the clouds this morning and all is well in Siva's Perfect Universe.

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