Gifts for the Guru Peedam

Three days back a pair of large orange DHL boxes arrived from India and yesterday the monks opened them to find the most amazing collection of bolsters and pillows ever made. Each one a work of art, varying in style and color but radiating a sense of culture and design unique to India.

Every piece was clearly agonized over, from the fabric selections to the sewing, from the wild tassels to the classy way the zippers are hidden. We had to immediately go to the Guru Peedam and install the first one of the four sets sent. Bodhinatha has a nice surprise waiting for him when he returns from Mauritius on July 10th.

The boxes also held ten meditation cushions for Kadavul Temple and a curtain to hang behind Satguru, a red and gold one fit for a raja, or in this case a Satguru.

With our deep appreciation to Jigisha Patel and her talented tailor friend Uma (and her entire team based in Gujarat).

The End of an Era

The 22 year old stairs to the sun palace were taken down today. The Siddhidata Kulam spent the better part of the day getting rid of the rotted and dangerous one story staircase, a much needed improvement in the monastery. Stay tuned for what happens next...

A New Peetham

Kumarnathaswami recently switched out some old wooden bee boxes for this stunning Ganesha shrine, painted and gifted to the monks a few weeks ago by Priya Alahan. Slowly the monks of the Ganapati Kulam settle into their new (2014) space...

June 2018 News Video

Our June 2018 News Video covers events in May of 2018, including Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's recent travels; recent blessings and progress on Iraivan Temple construction; and the aadheenam's recent celebration of Vaikasi Vishakham.

Music: Kulagan Mooneswamy

Here’s What’s Happening

Aloha and greetings from the monks' midweek. As usual work is going on in all areas of the monastery. Let's get you up to speed:

Reading One’s Own Inner Book

This phase, our monastery was delighted to meet long-time acquaintances for the first time, Mukund and Vaijayanti Hanumante of New Orleans, USA. Here they are with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and Kaivalyanathaswami, visiting the Media Studio. They are Hinduism Today lifetime subscribers since the mid 1980s and generous donors to Iraivan temple. Mukund has also been a faithful advertiser for past 30 years, advertising his books. The first was A Glimpse of Divinity, which Gurudeva was so impressed with that he contacted Mukund and wrote a glowing review of it which is now part of the book. We know of no other instance when Gurudeva did such a thing. Mukund has since written a second book, Eternal Friend, which posits that we all carry within us a being longing to be our best, loyal and perfect friend forever, waiting patiently, and waiting for us to give the ok. When asked whether he plans a third book, he said, "For now, I am concentrating on reading my own inner book."

Your Monday Is Our Friday

The monks follow the lunar calander known as the Panchangam and are closing up their Macs for a few days of silence. See you in a few days!

Clearing the Path

As usual, the Siddhidata Kulam was hard at work today. This time they engaged in cleaning and clearing the pihanakalani pathway. This helps maintain the beauty for the many visitors, members and monks. Thank you, SK!

The Joys of Tour Day

Reflections on Tour Day from a local shishya:

"It never ceases to amaze, the brilliance of our Gurudeva! He could have established his monastery on Kauai and remained remote, kept the gates locked and trained his monks in cloistered seclusion without any intrusion or distraction from the outside world. But he seized the opportunity to reach out to those from every walk of life and welcome them in. "Come in and look around, see how the monks live, see how they worship and live, and what they believe—that the soul is a spark from God." It is a breath of fresh air for countless visitors. It is a sacrifice, having people walking through and around Kadavul, their monastery center, seven mornings a week, or for the guided tour—all over the property once a week. A big sacrifice for the quiet work that the monks do. But listening to our guests, their appreciation, their wonderment, in seeing such dedication to spiritual life and their appreciation for the positive message Hinduism has for the world—then you get it, you catch what Gurudeva could see as clear as the morning Sun."

Iraivan Aerial Update

After a long six day phase, the monks welcome you to enjoy this Iraivan slideshow and quad copter movie. See you all in a few days.

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