Vaikasi Visakam 2019

Several days ago, during the full moon in the month of Vaikasi, the aadheenam observed Vaikasi Visakam, honoring Lord Murugan with a puja and abhishakam. Aum Saravanabhava Aum.

May 2019 News Video

Our May 2019 news video covers events in April 2019, including: Recent progress on Iraivan Temple's Kodimaram, the continued work around our bronze Lord Hanuman, and our observations for the change of seasons.

Entering Into a Two-Day Retreat

Aum Sivaya. The monks are finishing up their week and entering their retreat. Enjoy your weekend! You'll hear from us again in a few days.

“You are beyond everything. You are the whole world. You are beyond explanation. No one can explain. Don't go halfway to meet difficulties. Face them as they come to you; God is always with you-and that is the greatest news I have for you. Through love you can see God.” - Yogaswami

Exploring the Mini Mela (and Plants!)

Recently our TAKAgrapher took an expedition to the Mini Mela gift shop to explore the many little items that our daily visitors love to go home with. The monks of the Pillaiyar Kulam have done a fantastic job of acquiring many religious items and sacred murtis that our guests can enjoy. On the way there we stopped to enjoy some of our flowers and many coleus plants which fill the landscape. The Mini Mela has a nice website you can visit as well:

A Visit From Our Monastic Brothers

Today we had the pleasure of hosting six monks and three grihasthas of the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha. This group hails from different areas around Southern California. After greetings at the entrance to the Aadheenam everyone enjoyed a short visit to the Media Studio and then a tour out to Iraivan Temple. Aum.

Public Tours

Aum Namah Sivaya

A few group shots of some of our recent guests on tour at Kauai Aadheenam. People come from all over the world to enjoy our sacred gardens and Iraivan temple.

Our New Wood Oven

The Aadheenam has finished building our first true wood oven. We've tested and experimented for a few years now using a cheaper, smaller and mobile wood oven. It has proved to be a great asset so we decided to build a larger, permanent one. The wood oven serves many roles. It is used to make bread, cook pizza on our once a month pizza night and can be used other creative retreat dinners. Though we don't foresee one on the horizon, it also serves as an oven in case of a natural disaster like a hurricane, using naturally fallen trees as its only fuel.

Ending the Phase

Aum, today the monks finish up their projects for their week and enter two days of retreat. We'll see you all in a few days!

Keep track of your paces, for your walk makes marks. Each mark is a reward or a stumbling block. Learn to look at the step you have made and the step you have not made yet. This brings you close to Me. Im not doing anything.
If I were any place, I would not be. You are someplace, doing something. You are not.
Insofar as this is a fact, there then is some
semblance of Me in you. If you are not what you
apparently are and you keep track of your paces
fore and aft in your mind, the karma balancing
out the dharma is nothing.
Always live as nothing, and your mission is
fulfilled immediately. You do not have to live
long, but live well while you live. Be sum total at
any point in time.
The mind through which you think you travel, or
of which you think you are, is not. The awareness
of which you think doth travel, or which you
think is aware, is not. Therefore, what is?
That is a mystery, to the mind, to awareness,
but can be solved by you and Me coming close
together. Lets do it now.
Lord Umaganesh

Recent Guest

This week we enjoyed a visit from Adiyar Vipul Amanda. He is the owner of the Perio Sivan temple in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. He feels that Gurudeva changed his whole life when, in 1993, he gave him a powerful blessing. Aum Namah Sivaya

Beginning a New Year with the Nartana Ritau

Several days ago the monastery observed a homa and a flag raising to welcome our new season, the Nartana Ritau. This also marks the beginning of Vikari, our new year. Aum Namah Sivaya.

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