Building Progress at the Pillaiyar Kulam

The new Restrooms for guests, at the Pillaiyar Kulam office, is quickly progressing. With the walls going up the the roofing added, Jeff is happy he can now work under cover from the elements. Aum.

Fitting the Kodimaram Kavacham

Today the silpis and the monks of the Siddhidatta kulam placed the Kavacham pieces over the kodimaram, the temple flagpole. This is a test fitting, which will finalize the height at which stones around the base of the kodimaram must be carved too. After this the pieces will be taken off and the final steps towards completing the kodimaram will commence before they are placed a final time.

Worship of the Gods

Kauai's Iraivan Temple by Derick Glaskin

"Because it is relatively free from mistaken doctrines, the Hindu approach to life—and the Hindu approach to time and the Hindu approach to worry, and the Hindu approach to the subconscious mind—is very different from the Western approach. The Hindu knows that he is evolving through a succession of lives on the planet, and he is not in a hurry. The devout Hindu accumulates little karma, because his subconscious is constantly being brought current by the worship of the Gods. Thus, karma is controlled. The Hindu looks at religion as the most joyous expression life can offer. The Hindu considers all of mankind his brothers and sisters, all created by the same Creator, all destined to the same attainment. ¶When he visits the temple, he is seeking to understand the minds of the Gods, seeking their blessings and their guidance. He stands before the Deity in humble awe of the grandeur of a world he can only partially conceive. He inwardly tries to sense the Deity. If he is even slightly clairvoyant, he may see the Deity overshadow the image within the sanctum. At first he may see the image appear to move, thinking it his own imagination. He may observe the expression on the Deity change from day to day and from hour to hour. He may become aware of the Deity’s influence in his life and awaken a love for the Gods whom he once only vaguely thought were plausible. ¶The Hindu is not an existentialist. He does not believe that God is unknowable. He does not believe in the dismal fate of mankind alone in the universe, with only himself to depend upon. The Hindu believes that he is born with his destiny, and the patterns are set. He blends his will with the will of his religious community and with the will of the Gods in the temple, because he doesn’t have the concept of a free will that is answerable to neither man nor God. ¶Belief is a pattern placed within the mind for a particular purpose, so that awareness will flow through that particular pattern for the rest of the person’s life. Generally, the pattern is put into the mind of a child before he is thinking for himself, or your friends or family or teachers will put beliefs in your mind. You will say, “Yes, I believe that,” without actually thinking it out for yourself. It is from our beliefs that our attitudes arise. Your individual awareness, your ability to be aware, has no way of functioning unless there are patterns within the mind for the prāṇas to flow through and around. You have to have a mind to work through. ¶First there are beliefs, and then attitudes. In the Hindu home and culture, beliefs and attitudes are taught very carefully and systematically, with love and attention, so that the individual becomes a productive member of the community even before leaving home. Those first mind impressions are important, and if they are correct and not fraught with misconceptions, they will properly guide the person through life with a minimum of mental and emotional problems. The person will correct himself or herself rather than having to be corrected by society." MWS 137

The Greenhouse

More and more, our new greenhouse is taking shape. With the main metal supports and cross beams in place, smaller pieces that account for the roof and top vent are being added.

Realization a Daily Experience – Remold the Subconscious

Bodhinatha's Latest Upadesha

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

The youth of today who attain the inner experience of the clear white light will influence the world in a compassionate, ecologically sound, mystically profound direction. Each generation brings change. Maintain a disciplined life: remold the subconscious mind. Perform vasana daha tantra and then, with clear visualization and precise affirmation, create success in both outer life and inner striving.

Master Course, Merging with Siva, Lesson 54.

Satguru’s Travels – June 29

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami have been making their way across the United States. Here they visit Syracuse, Chicago and Boston areas to meet with members and devotees.

The Wall Continues

The first layer of Iriavan Temple's perimeter wall is now well on the way to completion. Most of the stones on the north, east and west sides have been set in place, while at the same time the two large yallis for the entrance steps are receiving some finishing touches.

Visitors from Greenland

Paramacharya hosted some special guests yesterday morning, from Russia and Greenland, LA and elsewhere. This first photo is of Ole, a native of Greenland, who says his lineage is akin to the Inuit. It was his 60th birthday and he was happy to spend it in a sacred space.

We learned there are no trees in all of Greenland (though it is fully 50% the size of the United States) as it is 85% covered with ice. Well, there are some trees planted in recent years by botanists, but precious few. The group is doing work to protect the Arctic, including a recent release of their documentary starring Mikhail Gorbachov whom Gurudeva met in 1990 at the Global Form for Human Survival. All enjoyed the story of "the Aum in the Kremlin," and Gurudeva's insight that this helped break up the old Soviet Union, just months later.

A Covered, Wood Fired Oven in a Bamboo Grove

Recently the monks installed a new wood fired oven, which we currently use a few times a month for pizza and pasta. However it also serves the purpose of an emergency oven, in case of a hurricane for example. Up until now this new oven has been covered by a rather dilapidated tent, but over the retreat our four yogis got together and assembled this Gazebo to cover it. This nice wooden and aluminium structure can be ordered with all the parts pre cut and ready for assembly. After a few days of work the structure was complete and just in time for our monthly pizza night!

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