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Growing Giant Gourds!

Jai Ganesha!

In another wonderful report from our world of vegetables, we've recently harvested some of our first crop of what is officially our longest gourds. These green-snake gourds are a type of Calabash gourd which are typically grown on trellises, and which can grow as tall as a person. Just one of these could make a decently sized curry! Aum.

Building High-Tunnel Greenhouses

Jai Ganesha!

This month we've seen some new structures appear in our main vegetable garden. As of today, two of our four new high-tunnel greenhouses are nearing completion. These structures were a recent boon for our garden team. We received funding from the state for these structures as part of a program, created because "encouraging greenhouses reduces the destruction of wetlands for farming." These four greenhouses will cover most of the garden's raised planting beds and will allow us even more real estate for which to grow vegetables that are a little too delicate for our Hawaiian environment.

Carbide Chisels

Last week we told the story of how the team in Colorado (as a gift to the monastery) molded and cast copies of the carbide chisels now in use in sculpting Iraivan Temple. It is important that we show these chisels, partly because they are the brilliant invention of our own team in Bengaluru and partly because otherwise visitors in the future will be unaware of the change from mild steel to carbide-tipped tools.

Yesterday the monks installed them at the Temple Builders' Pavilion, on the stone you see here with two siplis seated. The slide show reveals details.

Four Perspectives of Consciousness

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami gives his weekly Upadesha in Kadavul Temple at Kauai Aadheenam. Here Satguru discusses the four perspectives of consciousness that are outlined in the Shum language of meditation. Aum.

Bringing Forth Our Saivite Scriptures

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today we'd like to announce the release of our latest Web App, which works to fulfill one of Gurudeva's long-standing ideas. As Stated in the Nanadinatha Sutras:

All my devotees revere as scripture The Holy Bible of the Śaivite Hindu Religion—which includes excerpts from the Vedas, the Āgamas, Tirumantiram, Tirumurai and Tirukural—and guide their lives by its wisdom. Aum

So click here to view the Saivite Hindu Bible. This online anthology of Hindu Scripture includes english translations of some of our most important and profound texts, with more to come! It includes excerpts from the Vedic Hyms, the Upanishads, the Kamika, Raurava, Sarvajnanottara and Mrugendra Agamas, the Sri Nandikesa Kasika, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the Tirumurai and more. Dive in and start discovering what your scriptures are really about. Aum.

Iraivan’s Steps, a Lavarock Plinth and Pretty Plants

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today our camera-monk takes us out to Iraivan Temple for this week's update of the progress going on there. right now the next layers of the temple steps are being placed and the lavarock plinth is getting higher and higher. Also, join us for a quick detour into our Sacred Gardens.

An Upgrade for Tirumular

In order to give future visitors some more detailed background about Rishi Tirumular, we've recently done some work on the small, long-standing pavilion nearby his statue. This pavilion has been empty for some time and Kauai's weather had been taking its toll. Still, with a strong foundation and intact beams, all it needed was some new roofing and something to put inside. After finishing the new roof, we added a large poster which gives details about this great rishi, his life and teachings. Look for it next time you find yourself at Kauai Aadheenam! Aum Namah Sivaya

"Nobody knows exactly the eternal and transcendental abode of Lord Śiva. He enshrines Himself within the heart of all those who are able to identify His supreme plane of existence. He is ever present there without losing His all-pervasive nature. If the sādhaka is able to realize His vibrant presence in the minute space of his heart, He could become Śiva Himself at once." -Tirumantiram

Gift from Colorado

A few years back, we completed the Temple Builders' Pavilion, the seven bronze masterpieces showing Gurudeva, Ganapathi sthapati and the silpis at work. A kind of workshop where visitors and pilgrims of the future could see the ancient technology used to carve Iraivan Temple.

But during the making of the pavilion (which took some 7 years) something happened. The Bangalore team invented a new chisel. Instead of the thick soft iron chisels that most of Iraivan was made with, these were made of carbide steel. They could be sharpened with a diamond wheel and last 20 times longer than the old-style steel. Plus they have a sharper point, allowing the sculptors to do even more refined work.

Recently we realized that these new-style chisels are not represented in the Pavilion, so we sent one of the carbide chisels to Loveland, Colorado, to have copies made to be placed in the Pavilion, showing something important to future generations (even if they don't fully understand the story).

Yesterday, this envelop arrived at the monastery.

Inside were four copies of the original, made in bronze and looking identical to the original. Then we learned that Bobby and Kathy Page gifted their molding and casting fees, and the forging folks gifted the metal work and Patrick Kipper, the patineur, gifted his application of the colors (amazing achievement of gold color we thought). The entire project was free! Thank you, everyone.

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