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March 2021 Chitra Puja

Jai Gurudeva!

Yesterday evening our monastics enjoyed their monthly pada puja to Gurudeva an his shrine in Kadavul Temple. Satguru and the monks gathered around to chant Sri Rudram while Yogi Jayanatha and Nirvani Tejadevanatha performed an abhishekam to Gurudeva's granite paduka.

"If we look at the past and we look at the future as both a series of dreams, and the only thing that we are concerned with is our immediate reactions and what we carry with us now, we see that the past is there to test us and the future is there to challenge us. We cannot change the past, but we can change how we react to what has happened to us in the past, and we can change the future, anytime we want to." Gurudeva

Tirukural – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Avoidance of Fraud

Verse 284
Here we see various forms of stealing. A teenager breaks into the temple lockbox, another snatches jewelry from a hapless woman and a third, the owner of a pawnshop, is cheating an old woman of her jewelry’s true value.

TAKA Presents the Tirukural

You can access the entire text, in Tamil and English here:
Weaver's Wisdom

Verse 281

He who wishes not to be scorned by others
guards his own mind against the slightest thought of fraud.

Verse 282

The mere thought of sin is sin. Therefore,
avoid even the thought of stealing from another.

Verse 283

A fortune amassed by fraud may appear to prosper
but will all too soon perish altogether.

Verse 284

Taking delight in defrauding others yields the fruit
of undying suffering when those delights ripen.

Verse 285

Benevolent thoughts and kindly feelings flee from those
who watch for another's unwatchfulness to swindle his property.

Verse 286

Those who walk deceit's desirous path
cannot hope to work wisdom's measured way.

Verse 287

The dark deceits of fraud cannot be found
in those who desire the greatness called virtue.

Verse 288

As righteousness resides in the hearts of the virtuous,
so does deceit dwell in the hearts of thieves.

Verse 289

Men who know nothing but deception die a little
each time they contrive their crooked deeds.

Verse 290

Even the life in his body will abandon him who cheats others,
while Heaven itself never forsakes those who are honest.

Beyond the Beyond

Now and again we bravely post some of Gurudeva's most profound insights and writings. Today is such a day as we share Gurudeva's description of Nirvikalpa Samadhi and actinic energy. It is short, but dense.

We partner his words with a series of microphotography images which have their own mystery and magic to accompany the bhashya.

Kadavul Temple Now Open by Reservation

March 2021 Update — Kauai’s Hindu Monastery is required to follow COVID-19 related restrictions issued by the State of Hawaii and the County of Kauai that apply to all places of worship. These restrictions are independent of travel policies for Hawaii. These rules regarding places of worship require those inside Kadavul Temple to wear a mask when within six feet of those of another household and in general maintain social distancing of six feet of physical separation.

Kadavul Temple’s 9 AM Siva puja has been open to Saiva Siddhanta Church members and active Himalayan Academy students living on the island for some time. Two more categories of those that can attend have now been added. The first is island residents who are not Saiva Siddhanta Church members or active Himalayan Academy students. They are allowed to attend a maximum of once every two weeks. The second category is visitors from off island following an approval process. Observing these restriction, Kadavul temple is open, but with limited capacity (of 14 persons) and a reservation is required. Email: to make your reservation. Note that the monastery grounds are still closed.

Celebrating Yogaswami’s Mahasamadhi

Early this morning, the monks of Kauai Aadheenam began their day with tribute to Paramaguru Yoganathan on the occasion of his 57th annual Mahasamadhi. Yogaswami left his body on March 20, 1964, the following days would see thousands of devotees from the Jaffna community attend his funeral procession and cremation. Ratna Ma Navaratnam wrote of him:

"For about ninety-two years, Swami was like a luminous ray reflecting the radiance of the Saiva saints down the ages. The Jaffna community in whose midst he lived and moved had grown imperceptibly to accept his presence as naturally as the beneficent sunlight, so that his mahasamadhi on March 24, 1964, created an unusual stir and sorrow among all ranks of people who had basked in his lustre from generation to generation. Swami was venerated as an illumined seer of the twentieth century, one who was Gods witness on Earth, a saint in whom the sacred was secret; he was like the Triveni, a confluence where met the streams of past, present and future. He seemed to have held the whole world in the kinship of the supreme will of Siva. The Master Sivathondan blazoned the trail of service and renunciation, by his universal gospel of Sivathondu, service unto Siva. To live every split second as servitors of Siva was his clarion call to the modern man."

Following this morning's Siva Puja in Kadavul Temple, the monks attended a small puja for Yogaswami at his shrine. They then dove within in their daily group meditation, taking to heart Yogaswami's advice of summa iru—"be still."

Shum Maps of Meditations – Part 2

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami gives part two of a series of talks which give insight and elaboration into a verity of fascinating concepts revealed in the Shum language of meditation. Here, Satguru gives special attention to the 54 mambashum—important areas of the mind detailed by Shum.

Tirukural – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Deceptive Conduct

Verse 271
A man sits in deep meditation, clearly controlling his senses, which are shown behind him in personified form: the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and sense of touch.

TAKA Presents the Tirukural

You can access the entire text, in Tamil and English here:
Weaver's Wisdom

Verse 271

A deceiver's own five elements remain undeceived
by his double-dealing mind and silently mock him.

Verse 272

Of what avail is an outer appearance of saintliness
if the mind suffers inwardly from knowledge of its iniquity?

Verse 273

He who has not attained the power yet wears the garb of saints
is like a cow that grazes about wearing a tiger's skin.

Verse 274

He who conceals himself beneath holy robes and commits sins
is like a hunter hiding in the bushes to snare unwary birds.

Verse 275

The day will come when those who claim dispassion
yet act deceitfully exclaim,"Alas! Alas! What have I done?"

Verse 276

None is so heartless as he who, without renunciation in his heart,
poses as a renunciate and lives in pretense.

Verse 277

Like the poisonous jequirity bean, with its red and black sides,
there are outwardly dazzling men whose insides are dark.

Verse 278

Many are the men who piously bathe in purifying waters,
while in their black hearts impure conduct lies concealed.

Verse 279

The arrow is straight but cruel; the lute is crooked but sweet.
Therefore, judge men by their acts, not their appearance.

Verse 280

Neither shaven head nor long matted locks are needed,
provided one casts off conduct condemned by the world.

Monks Making Code for the Interwebs

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today we take you into the digital world of two of our monks in the Ganapati Kulam's Media Studio. Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami has been hard at work on several fronts. Each week he edits the audio for Satguru's talks and, after they are transcribed by a sevak on the big island, Swami puts them up on the monastery's website. Swami is also working on a new in-house release of the file version control app that our team uses for creating and editing Hinduism Today magazine. This afternoon Swami has been making improvements to the audio functionality of the SivaSiva app. On other fronts, Yogi Jayanatha has been gradually working to rebuild the Hinduism Today website, which is now near completion. Aum.

A Sunny Day for Temple Tile Repair

Jai Ganesha!

After several weeks of grey cloud-cover and massive amounts of rainfall, today our monks have enjoyed a full day of bright sun and blue, rainless skies. The grounds are already beginning to warm up and the many well-watered plants are bursting at the seams with fruits and new growth. This is a perfect chance to work on the remaining tile-replacement around Kadavul Temple. While the area we'd been working on out front has been finished, the focus now turns to the temple-side path that leads to the small Ganesha shrine. While some tiles are cracked, many can be restored and reset. Aum.

Iraivan Temple’s Tiruvasi

Aum Namah Sivaya

We've recently received this updated and more detailed photo of the bronze tiruvasi for Iraivan Temple's innewr sanctum. This bronze has been made in India and will stand behind the Iraivan Temple's crystal Sivalingam , against polished red granite. At its base are two yallis and above them, two shining hamsas. At the top we have the snarling face of Mahakala "Great Time" who devours all things. Om.

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