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AI Narrated Audiobook Zip Files

A few days ago we realized that our new AI narrated audiobooks on the Google Play Store were not available to some regions of the world so we found a way to export the mp3 files and are sharing them here if you want to download them through Google Drive. 🔊

Additionally, the pronunciation in Lemurian Scrolls has been improved thanks to the work of our taskforcer Lucas and his great work correction the AI.


Śaiva Dharma Shastras-

Lemurian Scrolls-

Weaver’s Wisdom-

Loving Ganesha-

Holy Orders of Sannyas-

Yoga’s Forgotten Foundation-



Rare Peek Inside Iraivan Floor Tile Project

Today was a day off for the busy tile setting team, so we took the opportunity to sneak inside the workspace to see what they've been up to.

Our New Monastic Aspirant

Happy Ardra Nakshatra!
Aum Namah Sivaya!

On Siva's most auspicious nakshatra of the month, we welcome one of our newest monastic candidates into the pre-monastic aspirancy program. Vatshalan Santhirapala has been on taskforce for several months at the aadheenam and has long been interested in monastic life. In several days he will be returning to the UK, and while there as an aspirant he will continue to work towards his supplicancy vows. While someone must usually be under 25 years of age to enter our monastic order, if they are born into the Saivite Tradition and meet certain other qualifications, they may be eligible to take monastic vows provided they are under the age of 35--as per an adendum added by Gurudeva in 2001. Aspirancy is one of two major steps as a pre-monastic before qualifying to take vows as a postulant Sadhaka.

As stated in the aspirancy pledge:
"Saiva Siddhanta Chruch has established the Aspirancy to offer a pre-monastic training through its theological seminary for those who aspire to follow the monastic path. By this agreement aspirants affirm their commitment to deepen their study of the Saivite Hindu religion, particularly the Advaita Ishvaravada philosophy, also known as Advaita Siddhanta, enunciated in the Saiva Siddhanta theology of the Himalayan rishi Tirumular. They have chosen Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami as their satguru and the Kailasa Parampara as their heritage of faith and awakening. Aspirants come to monasteries and temples to learn through example and observation, and to be trained and taught the principles of religion, theology, philosophy and yoga. The primary objectives of aspirants are to emulate Saivite monastic life, intensify their Master Course study by studying the trilogy each day and to become thoroughly immersed in the tradition which they aspire to serve as a Saivite monastic."

Pancha Brahma Murtis

You well know that there are five forms of Siva, also known as Sadasiva, that will one day be installed in niches on the Iraivan Vimanam. They are deeply mystical aspects of Iraivan temple that were cast in bronze many years ago. They are 36 inches tall. Finally, they are being prepared to be gilded with 23-karat gold leaf. The work is going to be done in Honolulu, by Hawaii's finest gilders, so our team made some sturdy crates for the 104-mile sea voyage ahead. When they return, you will be amazed by the transformation (in a January or February TAKA post). Meantime, enjoy the crate building.

Satguru’s Latest Publisher’s Desk Article

From the October/November/December issue of Hinduism Today Magazine:
"The entire world entered a challenging new era in December, 2019, when the first human cases of Covid-19 were identified in Wuhan, China. In the two and a half years since then, the lives of virtually every human being were touched by lockdowns, economic hardships, health issues and loss of loved ones. With the pandemic still with us, global citizens now face another avalanche of difficulties provoked by Russia’s war on Ukraine. The greatest military conflict in Europe since WWII, it has further disrupted the world’s supply chains and contributed to soaring prices, as well as severe shortages of food and fuel in many countries. These hardships have become so dire that people in poor nations are demonstrating in the streets, hoping a new government will be voted in and improve conditions for the populace. Financial markets are in turmoil, recovery of the global economy is in doubt and Europe is experiencing the most severe humanitarian crisis it has seen in decades."

Visitors & Seva

Visitors come daily, some from far lands, many who have been planning their trip for ten or more years. Such was a group of seven from Calgary, Canada, today. One was celebrating her 70th birthday, and all the others were, amazingly, all having an unbirthday. What are the chances. The elders told of going every Saturday to Yogaswami's hut, and of meeting Gurudeva at a Ganesha temple in Sri Lanka in 1974.

Are you tired of reading word with your eyes?

  Still want to drink from the fountainheads of wisdom that are Gurudeva's books? Look no further because right now for the low low price of free you can use your God given ear holes listen to 4 new audiobooks from Himalayan Publications. These are not just your standard audio books as these were generated with...........drumroll please........... AI! Yes, all of these audiobooks were within a few hours narrated by an AI system build by Google. They are not as good as a human yet but it's a free service they offer and a good placeholder until a human narrates them. Give them a try, we think you'll be surprised how nice the voice is! Here are the links- 

Lemurian Scrolls: Angelic Prophecies Revealing Human Origins

Loving Ganesha: Hinduism's Endearing Elephant-faced God

Weaver's Wisdom: Ancient Precepts for a Perfect Life

Yoga's Forgotten Foundation: Twenty Timeless Keys to Your Divine Destiny

  If you want to listen to the audio books offline without wifi please download the Google Play mobile app AUM!

Lotus Blooms Again!

Years back we had ponds, large ponds 100 feet across, packed with lotuses. You could not even see the water they were so dense. Then along came a voracious fish, the talapia, who loved their taste and devoured every one.

We have been without lotuses all those intervening years, til now. With the help of Piragash and Kauai members, we are getting them again, and this one bloomed today with multiple blossoms. A joyous thing to see. We will now work to keep the fish away from them so they will flourish again. A little tutorial on lotus for the uninitiated:

Hinduism equates the lotus with beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity. The most common lotus seen in Hinduism is the white lotus flower. However, the pink lotus flower is considered to be the most divine and only awarded to those of the highest standing. Hindu deities are often seated on a lotus. And it is said that each chakra has lotus-like petals.

The lotus flower is the foremost symbol of beauty, prosperity and fertility. According to Hinduism, within each human is the spirit of the sacred lotus. It represents eternity, purity, divinity, and is widely used as a symbol of life, fertility, ever-renewing youth.
One of the most common metaphysical analogies compares the lotus' perennial rise out of the mud into faultless beauty to the evolution of consciousness, from instinctive impulses to spiritual liberation.
In Hindu sacred texts each human is urged to be like the lotus; they should work without attachment, dedicating their actions to God, untouched by worldliness, like water on a lotus leaf, like a beautiful flower standing high above the mud and water.

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