Satguru with the President of Mauritius

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Satguru’s Arrival in Mauritius

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Satguru’s World Tour Update

Shanmuganathaswami sends in a large batch of photos.

Kadavul Ganesha

Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah!

For the last month we've recorded Lord Ganesha each day just following His 3:00am abhishekam and alankaram. Please enjoy these images of this great and powerful Lord of Dharma.

(The text throughout the slideshow are excerpts from the Ganapatyatharsirsham, a translation from Sanskrit by Dr. Vasant Lad)

Gifts for the Guru Peedam

Three days back a pair of large orange DHL boxes arrived from India and yesterday the monks opened them to find the most amazing collection of bolsters and pillows ever made. Each one a work of art, varying in style and color but radiating a sense of culture and design unique to India.

Every piece was clearly agonized over, from the fabric selections to the sewing, from the wild tassels to the classy way the zippers are hidden. We had to immediately go to the Guru Peedam and install the first one of the four sets sent. Bodhinatha has a nice surprise waiting for him when he returns from Mauritius on July 10th.

The boxes also held ten meditation cushions for Kadavul Temple and a curtain to hang behind Satguru, a red and gold one fit for a raja, or in this case a Satguru.

With our deep appreciation to Jigisha Patel and her talented tailor friend Uma (and her entire team based in Gujarat).

Enjoying an Extraorditary World

Aum Namah Sivaya.

Our monks are heading into a three-day retreat, so you'll hear from us again on Saturday. We've put together a fun little guessing game for you. Time to peruse through a very small world, and find out just how vast it is. If something so small can be so big, than what we consider big must be huge, right? Yet for all its vast vistas, our beautiful planet is but a speck floating through nearly infinite space, and existing as a short blip in an infinite cycle of time. Surely if time and space are infinite in all directions, it is our awareness and perspective that matter most. With all of that existence "out there," and with a personal evolution spanning untold eons, on untold worlds, in untold dimensions, our inner Self has us experiencing a life that is right here, right Now. It must be rather important, don't you think?

The End of an Era

The 22 year old stairs to the sun palace were taken down today. The Siddhidata Kulam spent the better part of the day getting rid of the rotted and dangerous one story staircase, a much needed improvement in the monastery. Stay tuned for what happens next...

A New Peetham

Kumarnathaswami recently switched out some old wooden bee boxes for this stunning Ganesha shrine, painted and gifted to the monks a few weeks ago by Priya Alahan. Slowly the monks of the Ganapati Kulam settle into their new (2014) space...

How Do We Meditate, Part 2

Bodhinatha Meditating

Bodhinatha's Latest Upadeshas
Path to Siva Commentaries

How Do We Meditate, Part 2

"Adjust yourself to the realization that you are a divine being, a self-effulgent, radiant being of light."

Jyoti is the Sanskrit word for inner light. To bestow on devotees terms that were more specific, Gurudeva developed the Shum Language of Meditation. In Shum the word for the light that lights up the mind is balikana. During Shum meditation there is an indrawing of forces to realize balikana, a moon-like glow, leading to iftye a deeper kind of inner light which, in turn, leads to milinaka, a sustained iftye which doesn't go away and can be sustained after we've finished our meditation.

Path to Siva, Lesson 47

Twelve Shum Meditations

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