Pillaiyar Kulam Construction

Today we find the Pillaiyar Kulam at work around their office. The Pillaiyar Kulam does many important tasks such as managing the Mini Mela, publication distribution, shipping, finances and legal work, taking care of our cow heard and much more. Currently, with the help of Master Carpenter Jeff, we are building an additional portion of the building which will house more public restrooms for our many guests. So far, the area for the foundation has been dug, the plumbing has been laid, and the forms have been prepared to receive concrete.

Iraivan Update – May 30th

With the Nandi Mandapam being so far along, some of the focus is shifting back to the perimeter wall and some of the finishing detail work, such as the ceiling carvings near the sanctum.

Colorful Catci

On the northwest corner of Iraivan Temple lies our recently created Shadkonam desert garden. With just the right mix sun a few short bouts of rain, some of these cacti have bloomed. For anyone who knows cacti, you'll know that among flowering plants, there is nothing quite like these arid wonders.

A Quiet Afternoon at the Aadheenam

Take a stroll around the monastery on a quiet day. Our monks are about to go into their two days of retreat after a six-day lunar week. With such a large aadheenam there are many little things to do. Chinnu is at work in the kitchen while monks perform their daily seva, keep vigil in the temple, clean the many thing that need cleaning, work the gardens, take a care of plants and much, much more. Aum.

"It is easy to tell whether one has had initiation or not, for the ones that have been initiated we refer to as the ones we cannot see, the absent ones. They never stand out among the others, but blend with and fade into their surroundings imperceptibly. In ever-increasing inner work and service they are being trained and involved, keeping them thus occupied. Thus, this great priesthood of Lemurian souls, working together on many intricate levels of mind flow, channel through cosmic rays and the emanations of the Central Sun, stabilizing all the peoples of the Earth through the constant dissemination of this darshan." Lumarian Scrolls

From the Greenhouse

As mentioned last week, the construction of the monastery's new greenhouse is currently underway. While there to see the progress, we captured some imagery of the production in the current green houses, which includes many greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and more.

Satguru’s Travels – Johor and London

While in Jahor, Malaysia, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami attended the kumbhabhishekam for the Sithivinayagar Temple in Johor Malayasia. That evening, Satguru gave a keynote at the temple along with vibhuti blessings.
Next, Satguru returned to London and has been enjoying temple visits, satsangs and morning walks along the River Thames.

The Great Hawaiian Protector

Our monks enjoy a blessing from a Hawaiian Aumakua, an ancestral guardian.

To the Hawaiians the owl is a protector and guide, held as sacred. This sentiment is encapsulated in the saying "A no lani, a no honua" meaning "Belonging to heaven and earth."

Om Ganapati


Today is the monthly Chaturthi, for which our wonderful 3am vigilee lavishly decorates Lord Ganesha with chandanam and many aromatic flowers. Here's a glimpse at Ganesha's glory.

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