Continuing Stream of Visitors

Left to right. Young couple from Gujarat via Indiana. Sudhir & Preeti Mathur from Edmonton who met Gurudeva in 2000 there. A Young couple from the Big Apple and devotees at the Maha Vallaba Ganesha Temple in Flushing. Raj Kumar Bhardwaj from London who is so inspired he is returning with his parents and younger brother later this year after reading the Trilogy. A local lady with a visiting friend from Japan. A local Yoga teacher (2nd from right) with a small group of students. A very attentive group.

Ladies Retreat Class with Bodhinatha

A small Saiva Siddhanta Church ladies retreat is taking place on Kauai for a week

Bodhinatha speaks to them about relationships from perspective of karma and dharma

This is a garland the ladies group learned how to make yesterday.

New Monk Has Taken Vows Today! Sadhaka Mayuranatha

After six months in the Supplicancy, which included a month sitting by the wall and begging entrance. Mayuran passed his review by the senior monastics and has been accepted as a full monastic into Kauai's Hindu Monastery. Today the monks gathered to witness his vow taking. Through this process he becomes a Postulant. His name is now Sadhaka Mayuranatha. This is always a joyous occasion for the new monastic and a great day for the monastic order. Jai Mayuranatha!

Some of the other sadhaka shaved his head last night. Today he receives his ear-rings.

Ladies Retreat Begins Today

The ladies retreat began today. In the morning they had a class with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami. Then in the afternoon they had a class with Sivakatirswami on our sacred songs program and then with Yoginathaswami on garland making. These garlands will be used in the Ardra Darshanam Puja on the 8th.

Sacred Song Workshop with the Ladies

Today the ladies joined Sivakatirswami after lunch. He reviewed our overall goals both for sacred song in the future of our educational programs and for the spiritual life and culture of our Saiva Siddhanta Church Satsang and for our own personal spiritual practice in developing bhakti and as a part of our daily "swadyaya" spiritual self edification. To all learn to sing, be confident to sing and to bring sacred song back into our daily lives as it once long ago. We reviewed some simple techniques to strengthening our voices, then practiced some Vedic invocations and a new bhajan together with emphasis on understanding and visualizing what we sing and turn it into a powerful form of prayer and worship.

Our Family Meets the Monks

Our father Luke and sisters Carelle and Erika came again today. They joined the Ganapati Kulam for their daily morning meeting, took a tour of the Aadheenam property and then met the Pillaiyar Kulam in the afternoon.

Family Visits The Monastery

Sivakatirswami's father, Luke Batdorf and two sisters, Carelle Dwyer (in pink) and Erika Batdorf (in blue) are visiting. The sisters have not seen their brother for 35 years. It's a big day for the family. Luke is a retired consultant in the cognitive processes of learning and cross cultural training and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Carelle is a registered nurse in New Hampshire. Erika is a theater artist and professor of dramatic arts at York University in Toronto, (see her site

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