Ganesha Chaturthi

Millions all over the world have been celebrating Ganesha Chaturti. We had many visitors arrive at Kadavul to recieve Lord Ganapit's Darshan. After the powrful puja, everyone headed down to the river for the submergance of our many clay Ganeshas, the water was beautiful as the sun set over the mountain.

Kokee Berry Flat Trail Hike

Over the retreat several of the monks went for a hike up in Kokee, and, much to everyone's suprise, found a small redwood forest in the middle of Kauai.

A lot of earth is being moved at Kauai Aadheenam


Today we started off the phase with a powerful Homa fire.

Deepti's Adventure

One of our larger, and at times more dangerous cow's got loose and decided to eat a wide veriety of our decorative plants. She eventually went back in without a fuss.

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