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Mambashum 4, Namutana - First Inner Light


Bodhinatha bestows a meditation from Gurudeva within Shum on Mambashum Four-Imkaif. Now is the time and this is the day to work within yourself to experience namutana, the very first awakening; to experience yulaf the light of your soul. Live in the state of milinaka, constant perception without bringing knowledge into thought. When shumnuhm' is perfected after namutana, balikana, milinaka, iftye and shumnuhm' become the natural state of being, all flowing fourth from yulamf, the shakti of the realized being. Memorize and chant often: "Imkaif, yulamf, iftye, milinaka uu balikana, shumnuhm', Aum, shumnuhm' balikana uu milinaka, iftye, yulamf uu imkaif, Aum."

Unedited Transcript:

Good morning everyone.

This morning we have Gurudeva's commentary on the fourth mambashum.


"Lord Vittaha Vinayaga in His wisdom wants you to understand something more about the application of knowledge, which is wisdom. Hence I have created this meditation for you, taking into consideration very carefully that much of it you may not be able to experience. It does, however, provide a fascinating meditation for you to pursue.

"In this meditation upon the Imkaif Mambashum we shall begin with the collage kaif and follow the meditation sequence through to its conclusion into the image shum. Namutana is only one of the new fourth-dimensional portraits of the sub-second world for you to learn today. Namutana names the very first awakening into being able to see the actual light of the sub-second world within your head--when a ball of light appears in your head about one inch down from the top and does not go away even though you begin to think about other kinds of things. Your being able to see this inner light, even while thinking about external objects, results from the singular experience called namutana. This experience results from becoming really stable within rehmtyenali kamshumalinga. It is a signpost that your nikashum uu shumnuhm' has been performed correctly over a long over a long period of time. Therefore, you may be asked from time to time whether or not you have had your namutana as a result of your shumnuhm' within the first nine mambashum. Namutana is one of the first major awakenings of the experience of the inner light.

"This light should always be with you after namutana. Even when in a darkened room, you should be able to see light clearly within your head. Even if it is as small as a tiny ball, it still should be visible. After namutana, if you should not be able to see the ball of light from time to time, this simply indicates that you have allowed your energies to depolarize from rehmtyenali and merge together in rehnamtyevum. These two kamshumalinga work together, as certain energies flow form one to another, bypassing bivumbika kamshumalinga. You must remember that the light seen after namutana is different from the light that anyone can see, which is named nimrehnimling and balikana. Namutana is the light of yulaf.

"Yulaf is the second new portrait that has been entered into, into this mambashum. Yulaf is the name for the vibration, the radiation, the shakti, of the individual soul, as experienced through the actinodic causal sheath, vijnanamaya kosha, in the fifth dimension of the mind. It is when the physical forces have been transmuted through nikashum uu shumnuhm' and the emotional forces have been transmuted - through perfecting practices given in mambashums one, two and three so that they can be performed effortlessly - that yulaf is experienced.

"Notice in this mambashum that yulaf flows directly out of kaif. This, therefore, indicates that even though imkaif may or may not be realized, the first vibration to experience after kaif is yulaf. It is from the fifth dimension, kalingkasim' kamshumalinga, that you look up into your head and see the light of the soul, the light of yulaf, which seems to be some distance away from where you are. We, therefore, come from kaif into yulaf. Then tyemmuif should be experienced. And if namutana has not yet been experienced, for this portrait names only the initial experience and not any succeeding ones, then now is the time and this is the day to work within yourself to experience namutana.

"We can now see clearly that this mambashum is in two sections. The first part of the meditation, with awareness leading from kaif ending in shum, is to be meditated upon before namutana, but not afterwards. The second part of the mambashum, with flowing awareness beginning at imkaif and ending in shumnuhm', is to be meditated upon only after the inner light is clearly seen as a result of namutana, and not before. Then we begin our meditation starting from the bottom of the mambashum with the portrait shumnuhm' and begin to experience each of the successive steps as indicated by the portraits balikana, milinaka and iftye. After namutana, it is the fifth-dimensional light which is seen hovering within you constantly day and night. It is less intense than the third screen seen just behind the eyes, perpendicular to the front of the face and the back of the head. The latter light when seen for a short period of time is balikana, and over a long period of time is milinaka.

"You may be wondering exactly how you would function through the day without thinking, in a state of milinaka. Many things are done through the day without thinking about them. You injest/digest your food. You perform various duties through habit once they have been well learned. When driving an automobile, you have to think to learn how to drive. Later it becomes automatic to you. In fact, for sikamchacha (mental pictures) to come unbidden across nimrehnimling is a 'disease.' It is like an itch that always needs scratching. The more you scratch. the more it itches. One should only create sikamchacha when there is definite subject matter one chooses to think about. Sikamchacha uu nimrehnimling is not the natural inner state of man.

"Milinaka is by no means a dull state. It is a state that each mature meditator should constantly be living in while performing his mission. It is a state of constant perception, of peripheral vision, of knowing everything that is going on in one's vicinity, but without bringing the knowledge into thought, sikamchacha. For example, an individual doing math in a state of milinaka would quickly arrive at the sum total of a series of calculations without having to make a series of mental pictures in his mind--sikamchacha uu nimrehnimling. An artisan could make a perfect creation without a lot of thought or talk.

"Therefore, in this mambashum it is when shumnuhm' is perfected, which it would be after namutana, that balikana becomes a natural state. Therefore, the portrait balikana does not appear here. Milinaka and iftye are also natural to experience, all flowing forth from yulamf, the vibration radiating from the new third-world body after the imkaif experience.

"Yulamf is a third-world collage and names the shakti of a realized being. However, this shakti, which comes out of the yulamf vibration of the growing inner body, is not present unless imkaif is re-experiencd often. Kaif, iftye, milinaka, balikana and shumnuhm' become the natural state of being through his day.

"The column at the left of this mambashum shows our goal and how to attain it after namutana has been attained. Meditate well on this map and memorize and chant the following often:

"Imkaif, yulamf, iftye, milinaka uu balikana, shumnuhm', Aum, shumnuhm' balikana uu milinaka, iftye, yulamf uu imkaif, Aum."

Have a wonderful day.