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God Siva Is Worshipped, the Tour of 1981


God Siva and creation. Evolution of the soul. Importance of daily sadhana. Troubles, worries, problems to the feet of Lord Shiva. God Shiva, the soul, dharma and caste system. Saivism space age religion.:

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We'll never be the same after these wonderful pujas the last few days and the community hall also will never be the same. I can't imagine what kind of functions they can have here after it has been so well blessed.

Talk a little bit, I've been talking about the children for two nights. Talk a little bit to the adults about our God Shiva. All through Sri Lanka, South India, God Shiva is worshiped. God Shiva is God. And there's thirty three million other gods. And our great scriptures tell us that God Shiva created all the gods. And he created the soul of man. God Shiva through his shakti power created Lord Ganesha. From his third eye he created Lord Muruga. And many other Gods to help the evolution of his children, such as us. The great scripture, Tamil scripture, Tirumantrum tells us, and its a composite of all of the vedas and all the knowledge of the agamas, and the one great scripture, thousands of verses.

It tells us that God Shiva created the entire universe and will absorb it back in mahapralaya, back into himself. When that happens He alone stands, uncreated. He alone stands, He's the only one there. Then He creates again the entire universe and all the souls. Now we may ask why does He create souls. It's His very nature to create. Just like it's your very nature to create thoughts, and the thoughts become karma and they start an evolution. And the evolution goes out and finally it comes back. God Shiva and His wonderful maya creates souls. Creates a soul body, not unlike this physical body but it's a body of light, and it begins to evolve and then finally it inhabits the physical body and it goes from one body to the other. And finally after eons of time it merges back. That body has grown up into the image and likeness of God Shiva. Our scriptures tell us God Shiva has three perfections. Three separate perfections and yet they're all together. One of them is the soul body. The body of light. The primal Soul. Rishis saints sages and even ordinary people have seen God Shiva in his body of light. In their states of meditation.

But God Shiva also has a mind. And it is a state of mind attainable by the yogis, Satchidananda. An all pervading mind. He knows absolutely everything. In all the universes simultaneously. Immediately He pervades everything. And He also has a third perfection, Parashiva. Timeless causeless spaceless Self beyond all form. Beyond all creation. And all of this is happening simultaneously in God.

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When God created your soul body you inherited two of the perfections. You inherited two of the perfections. You inherited the mind of God Shiva, Satchidananda or His super conscious mind. And you inherited the ultimate realization on this planet. Parashivam, timeless, causeless, spaceless, God. Therefore, the soul is perfect. It wasn't born in sin, it's not tainted, it's absolutely perfect, Parashivam and the state of Satchidananda exists within you right now. Well then we might say well why aren't we attaining that right now. That's because anava, karma, and maya keeps us involved in the external mind. The ego thinking the external mind is real and creating karmas that hold us in the external mind while the soul body evolves. Once the soul body has evolved to the place where it is strong enough and mature enough, it automatically comes into this new samadhi, satchidananda and becomes all pervasive. You can sit in one place and be another place in your mind, simultaneously in another place, in another place, in another place, another planet.

You read this in the scriptures, the yogis can do that, they have evolved into the mind of God Shiva and then finally they through practice, they can realize Parashivam. Then the soul body begins to grow and grow and grow and finally it no longer needs the physical birth in order to continue it's evolution. And on the astral plane and on the higher mental plane and in the third world the soul goes on evolving, evolving, growing, growing until finally it merges into it's image and likeness of God Shiva it merges into God. This is the great story and the wealth of our scriptures. Si Va. Absolute and Va is the shakti, is the power. And our scriptures tell us that God Shiva is neither male or female, and both male and female can be worshiped as Ardhanarsvaram as male or as female. However it is best for the individual to do, at whatever stage of evolution he is in.

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Now to help us and to protect us, God Shiva created Lord Ganesha who sits on the Muladhara chakra. He sits on the Muladhara chakra. When we arrive in our evolution high enough to enter the Muladhara chakra we can become installed with Lord Ganesha. Whereas as Lord Shiva dances in the Sahasrara chakra, that's quite a ways away. That takes regular sadhana to find God. Now what is sadhana. Sadhana to find God is regular religious practice. Practicing a musical instrument to be able to produce music. We have to perform our practice at a certain time every day, for a certain length of time, not too long. We want to ride a horse, we have to catch the horse, we have to ride the horse and perform our sadhana in riding that horse in order to master that instinctive animal so that he won't throw us off. The same with our individual instinctive intellectual mind. Our mind is instinctive like an animal, sometimes that can be conquered. Sometimes we're too intellectual. And the mind runs on and reasons, and that can be conquered. How! Through sadhana. Humbling ourselves in front of God, Shiva or a God. That is individual choice.

Once a day. Now how long should we perform our daily sadhana? In the western world in the technological age we have things to do. Therefore, we have to shorten our sadhana. In the agricultural age a religious person to perform sadhana three to four hours a day. Sitting and performing sadhana, three to four hours a day. That's impossible now. So, we say the regularity is the most important thing. Ten minutes a day. Fifteen minutes a day. Start at the proper time, end at the proper time, and that is enough sadhana as long as we carry it through the day, humbling ourselves before God or gods makes us strong when we deal with people in the external world. If we can't be humble we can't be strong. If we can't be humble, we can't be aggressive in the material world. If we can't be humble we can't have a goal for our life, our chosen dharma, and follow through with that goal, in a very positive way. If we can't be humble we can't think positively. So humbling ourselves ten minutes a day before God, Shiva, or Lord Ganesha or Lord Muruga and performing some kind of ritual that's familiar to you, easy for you to perform, even if it's placing a flower.

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One flower, taking ten minutes to offer that one flower at the feet of the Lord and along with it all of your troubles and all of your worries and all of your love and all of your problems and leaving them at the feet of God and not taking them back out of your sacred shrine room with you. You don't take the flower back with you, you leave your problems at the feet of God don't take them back with you either. Give the God time to work it out. No how does the God do this. All the Gods have thousands and millions of ganas and devas. And these devas are in the second world. They can see you and can't see them. But when the third eye is open, or even through the retina of the physical eye, sometimes you can see the devas. And they're in your home. And they live in your home. And they especially live in your shrine room. And they take the problem that you have, and all Saivites have guardian devas that come to them at the blessing in the temple and guard and guide and help them and overshadow and protect them. And in the shrine room you leave all of your worries and all of your troubles. It's like leaving some astral matter, some psychic matter there. And it's taken away from you and dissolved. And then your own super conscious mind, the mind of your soul, the mind of God Shiva gives new inspiration, new life. All of our greatest scientists didn't discover what they discovered, by working up the ladder through reason. Our greatest scientists discovered what they discovered by finding it up here. And then it came down. And they say oh this might be a great possibility, right from the mind of God Shiva. And then they spent years to proving it out through reason. Proving it out through reason but it came out of an opening in the inner world in the third world and came to help mankind.

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God Shiva the infinite Lord is a Lord of love. He's not a vengeful God, as some religions say, they're afraid of God, they say God is very vengeful, God is very wrathful. God Shiva's a father and the mother both combined, and loves and understands his creation, our souls. And helps guide the souls back to evolution. Sometimes we hear, we still hear the propaganda that God, if you worship God Shiva, all of a sudden you'll become a renunciate. You'll lose everything, everything will be taken away from you, you'll have absolutely nothing, because God Shiva's an aesthetic. Well, that's not true. That's Vaisnava Christian propaganda from the north of India that filtered down to the South and it's not true at all. It is not true. God Shiva will give you everything because He's God. And a part of Him is you. State of Satchidananda. Parashivam is in you. And your soul, just like His soul, is maturing to be an image and likeness of Him. There's three perfections the great God Shiva. Now we have to deal with. We're still working on one of the perfections. It's not quite perfect, nothing went wrong, its just evolving like a child is perfect but he's not grown up yet. But even within the child is Satchidananda state. Parashivam state. Two perfections of the soul and the child is growing up.

So, we have to guide ourselves through the dharma patterns properly. Why don't we choose our dharma for this life we have to perform it well. We have to perform the dharma well. In the ancient days, the dharma of a son was what his father did. That's no longer true in the technological age. Technological age, one can choose his own dharma. The cast system doesn't exist anymore. In fact the caste system did not not exist when the kshatriya caste was the British or the Christians. Then the whole caste system hasn't existed for hundreds of years. But the new caste system in the technological age is still, in technology. Skill, intelligence, the computer operator who can work the most complicated of computers is a higher caste than one she is training. Up until that time the one she has trained becomes better than she has. And this is why we are advancing in this new age. And why this new age is leading us into space.

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In our scriptures it tells us that Saivism is a space age religion also. Much about outer space in Saivism. Saivism is not a new age religion. But it well could become the religion of the new age. Why? Because the ancient values of the past, carry over into the present and then again into the future and fit in so nicely. To how people think, how people are, and how they will be, when the technological age becomes so advanced, that people become so mechanical that they forget to love one another. All Saivites love the people on this earth because God Shiva created each and every person, no matter what religion that person is he's in the right religion for himself. And he's either your brother soul, or you sister soul.

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Now how do we find Satchidananda? How do we find the inner mind of God Shiva which is all pervasive in all things and penetrates all things and is of all things? Well this is performed through the practice of yoga. And many many people are practicing yoga nowadays, and with little success. Because our scriptures say. Yoga is preceded by charya which is moral living, kriya humbling ourselves at the feet of the Lord, regular temple worship, charya, kriya. Then one comes into the natural yoga of jnana through sadhana and meditation and out of yoga comes jnana. One goes in to the depths of yoga a fool and comes out a jnani a wise person. But we still have to deal with anava, our external ego. And that is the worst thing in the technological age that we have to deal with. The corporations build up the ego, money builds up the ego, our skills and technology build up our ego. And then our ego is built up and we see maya at absolutely real. Wonderful thing... [tape is damaged and inaudible from this point on, less than one minute till end.

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We make very little progress when we strive to conquer these baser instincts in a good mood. However, vast strides are possible when we are miserable and work with ourselves to replace our misery with joy and understanding.