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Secrets, Relationships

Keeping secrets especially between parents and children and relationships are discussed. Parents and children need each other. Harmony is needed in the family without fences in the new age. Gurudeva talks about love,trust, sharing, spirituality and acceptance in the home.

Unedited Transcript:

On our Vedic calendar, it is Sun 4. Today, we called the beautiful garden island of Mauritius. It is just as beautiful, if not more so, than the garden island of Kauai. It was a video-conferencing call to a Satguru Siva Yogaswami Youth Retreat, that we are holding with 50 or 100 young people. Don't know quite how many were there. Our video conferencing is at the beginning stages. Very small screen, but it works. We are happy about that.

We are also happy that the youth of this country, are being inspired by the 2 swamis there. Sannyasin Murugaswami and Sannyasin Sivadevanathaswami are spreading the teachings of the Sanatana Dharma and the great wisdom of the Vedas, planting seeds in these young minds. No one is allowed to attend, who is over 25 years of age and these wonderful children are having the time of their lives. Many of them from very poor villages are taken into a very large 5-star hotel, who gives us the use of their multi-million dollar facility, to benefit the youth of this beautiful country. Congratulations, one and all in Mauritius.

Rajkumar has been here on the Task Force program, for 3 months and is taking off on a plane. In fact, he already did this morning. Good luck, Rajkumar. We know that your life in the future will be extremely successful, maybe because of what you have learnt here at Kauai Aadheenam.

Some lovely guests - Mr. and Mrs. Balu, President of Buffalo Hindu Temple, in New York visited yesterday. They are such an inspiring couple. His participation as President in the temple, basically allows many others, who built this wonderful temple.

Well, that's about all the news and now, about you. I see you in cyberspace and you are looking very beautiful, today. But, have you ever kept a secret? If I told you a secret, will you keep the secret? If I told you to keep a secret from everybody on earth, would you keep that secret?

Probably not. You would tell those who are closest to you, those who you love and who love you. Many of you are young people, some in the teens, early twenties, who we are seeing in cyberspace today. Our audience is increasing day after day, visiting this particular page, among all of our thousands of pages on our website. You may be young. But, you should be wise.

Have you ever kept a secret from your mother and your father? If you have, have you noticed a distance, in your relationship? 1 secret, 2 secrets, 3 secrets, 4 secrets - builds a fence between you and your parents. Now you know what I am talking about. That fence has to come down. The flow of energy between you and your mother, you and your father, cannot be inhibited by secrets. Now, I am talking about a secret, this is a pun, not a { }, which is a { } thing. A secret - something that you know that they should know. But you are not telling them. This is very important. Specially if you are a minor. This does not mean that you work in a mine! Another pun. But if you are under 21, don't keep secrets from your parents.

Well, parents today, help children keep secrets from them because they beat their kids, they yell at their kids, they swear at their kids. They put their kids down, they embarrass their children. They talk about them behind their backs, to their friends and relatives, saying how stupid they are. You know it is a tough world, it is a tough life. But, still, the parents are paying all the bills, putting a roof over their heads, providing clothing, transportation, education. Well then, don't do anything that is a secret or that you will have to keep secret from them. Behave yourself, because you need your parents and your parents need you. They need you to be an upright citizen, a person for them to be proud of. Maybe, they are not so proud of themselves and the secrets that they kept from their parents, which divided the family. We don't want to divide the family.

The New Age is going to come. But, it is going to come with harmony in the family, with closeness in the family, and no fences between any one of the family or another. Did I hit the nail on the head or what? Am I talking straight talk? Yes, it is very straight talk, very necessary talk, because there is a New Age movement, that draws on Hinduism, draws on Buddhism, draws on the various pagan thoughts of the world. But, nothing will ever work out. There will never be a New Age until love and trust exists in every New Age home. That means, sharing information, trusting that everything will be alright if you share that information. Working together, loving together, living together, being spiritual together, not hiding information from each other. Eventually, you won't be able to look each other in the face, any more. You can't look at your face any more, and really see yourself even when looking in the mirror.

Mothers and fathers, be compassionate when your young people explain that they have been keeping secrets. Encourage them. Tell some of your secrets, too. Make a family. A family is drawing a circle and taking everyone in. Not making a square and cutting some out. Don't show favoritism to any of the children. Accept them all for who they are. Love them all for what they are - beautiful souls, shining souls, perfect souls, living on this planet and deserving all the good that you can give, so that they can give much good to their children and hold their family together.

Well, I'll be seeing you in our familiar cyberspace tomorrow, October 11.