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Karma - What we Give, Returns

Gurudeva has been asked concerning Hindu beliefs about loving kindness, animals, forgiveness. Gurudeva tells us that we are all beggars on this earth and tells us a wonderful story. Gurudeva then talks about giving, investing in the future. We can give nothing away, it always comes back to us. The law of karma is described. Gurudeva tells us what a true gift is.

Unedited Transcript:

October 14. Welcome to 'Today at Kauai Aadheenam', our electronic Ashram in cyberspace. We welcome you.

In our reception hall, the beautiful marble project continues.

Oh, from 'The Los Angeles Times', one of the largest newspapers in California, a journalist called and asked for the Hindu point of view on 'Forgiveness'. He is writing an article for the Templeton Fund project.

Also, Professor Kusumita Petersen contacted us through fax. She is doing an article on 'Loving Kindness' and this is for the loving kindness of all the religions of the world, for the World Council of Churches. The belief that makes some people and animals expendable; others are saved and should be saved; others can be killed and not even have a soul. Great exploration. Again, we are helping from the Hindu point of view.

'Merging with Siva' is progressing very nicely. Every day, I am reading on digital cassette, one or two or three, of the daily lessons. It will soon be available.

Remember, a few days ago, or a week or two ago, I mentioned the World Parliament of Religions? The international organization that had the fantastic conference in Chicago, is holding another one in South Africa. We talked to their representative, when she came here about the major belief that we have. If children are beaten in the home, if children are molested, if children are treated badly, put down verbally, emotionally, allowed to be in distress, then a New Age, a new life, a future for all the religions, is really, really doomed. Well, this was very difficult for her to accept. But, after a good lunch and more talking, she said, "I have come to terms with this." We received a very, very nice fax from her saying that, "Yes, we intend to make this the centerpiece of the World Parliament of Religions in 1999, in South Africa and we are going to discuss this thoroughly." We put her in touch with the EPOC organization and other organizations to strengthen and give her all of the pamphlets and knowledge necessary to make this happen.

For those of you who are contributing to building the Iraivan Temple, a beautiful place where the wish-fulfilling Siva Lingam, 700-pound crystal will reside, I wrote a little article about 'Begging'. We are all beggars on this Earth. A professional beggar is one who knows how to release money from people. We just have had several of our mathavasi monks, Yogis and Sadhakas, come back from India, where they experienced professional beggars. For instance, here is a little story.

Just as you are leaving the airport, you come across a little lady, who is too frail, uneducated, too sickly to ever find employment. At 80 years of age in India, who would employ anyone? You reach into your pocket and pull out some last remaining rupees that you might have. Then, you go through a dilemma. "Shall I give her Rs. 40? At this stage of her poverty, Rs. 40 would seem like $ 40 to her!" Actually, US $1 is worth Rs. 40. The dilemma continues. "Just 10? But, I do have to give something. Rs. 10?" That is about 20 cents, you know, in US currency. Then, your hand comes upon a 100-rupee note. It sort-of clings to your hand, and you look at it. Your superconscious mind, your still, small voice, your intuitive nature says to you, "That little old lady there, too frail, too sickly to get a job to support herself, too elderly, all her relatives have probably died or run off someplace .... That might just be me, in a future life." So you say, "What the hell, I will invest in the future." and you give it to her. She stashes it away, gives you a little knowing smile and looks right into your eyes. You remember this. You have invested into the future. You can give nothing away.

The lesson, today, is "We can give nothing away". It always comes back to us. Whatever it is. Gold, silver, money, kindness, unkindness. Whatever we give out physically, mentally, emotionally, will make that big, boomerang cycle and come back to us. We cannot avoid it.

The law of karma, which means action, has an equal and sometimes ever-building, effect, depending upon the emotion involved, the generosity involved in our giving. You cannot give anything away. I am giving to you. It is going to come back to me. I am investing in my future. You take my message and you give it to someone else. It is going to come back to you. You are investing in your future because you are improving life on planet Earth. We are all here to improve life on planet Earth. We are all here to help each other, love each other, take care of each other, not to ignore each other. There are no throw-away people.

I mean, even the Christian Big Book says, "Give and you shall receive." Why! Is that not the law of karma, right there? Buddhists say the same thing. We take it seriously and use that law of karma. It works better than Las Vegas. To win there, you have to own the casino. Life is a gamble, to be sure. We really don't know the next door where we are going to go through and what is going to happen once we get through it. We don't know about tomorrow. But, we do know about yesterday. What we do know is, what we give out, we are going to get back If you go into the next room tomorrow, you are going to get back what you gave out, and put it in that room, You decorated that room. You hung the chandeliers. You filled that room by positive or negative actions of the past. This is divine law. This was a law that was rejected, and is rejected, even today by the abrahamic religions. But, rejecting the law of gravity does not mean that the law of gravity does not exist. What you give out, you will get back.

If you are the person, who gave the 100-rupee note to that old lady, that was so frail, so sickly, that really was in need, you will have, returned Rs. 200, 300, 400 or even more, depending on the release of the gift.

Many people give and have strings attached. I mean, this is happening in our Hindu Temples. Right around the world, there are big givers, who give and expect to be honored, have a place in Management, manage their money. They are actually buying into the corporation and also, getting the credit of being a giver, a patron, a big donor. Well, that too has its problems because, you cannot do two things and get two benefits at the same time.

A true gift is no name attached. A true gift is a total release. A true gift is not an investment in building up our ego. It is an investment in the future of this life and the future of lives to come.

Well, I sat down here to talk with you in cyberspace and through our computers, we are communicating. I had no idea what I was going to say. This just started rolling out. I must be talking to someone out there, who needs to hear these words. Who are you? Communicate with me. Send an email. Let me know who you are, who needed to hear these words.

I will be seeing you in all of our familiar computers, here and there and around the world. About 18-20 different countries, are watching and participating in the daily activities of 'Today at Kauai Aadheenam', our electronic cyberspace Ashram.

See you tomorrow and that will be October 15.

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Whenever we are injured or hurt, we understand that our suffering is but the fulfillment of a karma we once initiated, for which our injurer is but the instrument who, when his karma cycles around, will be the injured.