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Gurudeva answers questions about reincarnation. Is it possible we were together in a previous birth? Gurudeva tells we reincarnate wherever our mind is, it is an inexpensive way to travel. We switch back and forth from man to woman, whatever we need. Gurudeva talks about the Grand Departure into the Great Beyond of Siva's Feet and explains what brings us back to reincarnate. Our future is now, as we live in a series of nows.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. December 28th. The cyberspace Ashram opens its doors, heart and mind to you. We had a few visitors today from Flint, Michigan, from Honolulu, and Houston, Texas. Beautiful families who originated in India, but their children are American Hindus.

Dennis Wong cleared a path from the top of our cliff right down to our big lake, with a river running through it. It's really beautiful.

We have a couple of questions here that came in a few days ago from California. "Is it possible we were together in a previous birth?".

Speaking of myself as a Guru with other devotees - yes, it is possible that we were together in a previous birth or you were with Satguru Yogaswami, or Chellapaswami, or the Rishi from the Himalayas.

We reincarnate where our mind is. So whatever we set up our mind to do, we reincarnate. It's an inexpensive way of travelling because if you want to go to Europe, you can go to Europe through the process of reincarnation. It's just like travelling. Make up your mind where your destination is going to be; through some conveyance you go there. A boat, a ship, or through the astral plane and into a new body. Yes, sometimes that new body is a man and other times that new body is a woman. You switch back and forth.

"Can you incarnate into the past, or into the future?"

Well, I've heard about that in science-fiction but, I don't know. Hindu philosophy doesn't encompass, as far as I know, the reincarnating into the past or the future. Because everything is now. You are a sum total of everyone that you ever, ever were, right now, this instant. So, prepare yourself for the grand departure.

Our dear and close friend, Ram Swap of New Delhi, returned to Siva's feet yesterday. He was known as the "Voice of India". One of the greatest minds this century in India, was Ram Swarup, and he left his physical body behind. Probably, since he loved 'Hinduism Today', promoted 'Hinduism Today', wrote articles in Indian newspapers for 'Hinduism Today', was thinking about us all the time, maybe he will be one of our Swamis one day. Welcome, Ram. Incarnate close to us, and we'll train you in your new body and bring you along the spiritual path so that you can continue being a great mind of Sanatana Dharma and lift up thousands and thousands who need lifting up.

So, what we have to do is prepare for that Grand Departure because we are all going to follow Ram Swarup into the Great Beyond to Siva's feet. Perhaps some will never return, having attained full liberation. Still others will come back and serve, come back and learn, and come back because ... What brings us back? Our desire. Our desire to express things and experience things in earth consciousness, in a physical body which you can not do in the other bodies - the astral body or the body of the soul.

Well, in Cyberspace Ashram, think about your future. Your future is now. Live life well and your future will still be now, because we live in a series of nows. Our mind does not project too far into the future in daily life, rather it projects further into the past as people become older. So, equip the past to the various methods and techniques which we teach here at Himalayan Academy.

Also, come to Anchorage, Alaska on the big, big ship with me, for seven days. We will talk about all these wonderful things and move ahead rapidly, by dropping the past over the side of the ship and standing strong, being free. The new you, is waiting just inside of the old you.

Aum Namah Sivaya, everyone. See you tomorrow.

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