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A Plan for Planning Ahead

Today Gurudeva gives a complex though short talk beginning with the concept of how to plan ahead. This requires, Gurudeva explains, the ability to look into the future, which in turn is the result of the clearmindedness that comes from regular daily sadhana. Other benefits of clearmindedness include the ability to have compassion for others, to show appreciation and to have humility.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Aadheenam. April 28. It is the last day of our Vedic phase. Tomorrow and the next day and the next day after that, we will be on retreat. We will see you the day after that, in cyberspace.

We want to talk today about planning ahead, looking into the future, making a definite plan and then living it out. Now, how is this done?

Taking all facts into consideration, the future therefore is obvious. On any kind of a plan, a business plan, plans for your home, plans for your activities, recreation and most importantly in all daily sadhana and meditation. It is only through regular, daily, spiritual practice at the same time that the mind becomes clear enough to look a little bit into the future and get a vision of how things will be if you proceed in a certain way, a very high-minded way. However, people are dragging a lot of the past along with them, in the subconscious mind. Harboring resentment, old angers, highly critical of other people and trying to change other people, rather than change themselves, they are blind to the future. They are fumbling along through life and are better off following a dull routine at a repetitive job than to embark on a business venture or something that might be challenging along the way.

Clear-minded people are those who have several qualities. Forgiveness, generosity, compassion for others, appreciation for all that is done for them by other people. Showing appreciation is a very fine quality. Gratitude and compassion and most importantly, humility. Humility is a strength. It is not a weakness. With those qualities well intact, shall we say, looking into the future, a week, a month, a year or even several years or a lifetime is rather easy and then living out that vision is a joy.

How is this done? How do you clear your mind? There are various techniques that tell you, you are perfect soul. Every soul on the planet is a perfect soul, untainted, unmarred, unblemished. However, little misunderstandings come up along the way, in the tool of the soul which is the mind. There are three phases of the mind. Instinctive, that is a big one! Intellectual, that sometimes can become confused. Superconscious or intuitive, that is the mind of the soul.

This is a rather complex message today. I suggest you play it again and then again and make it part of your life. Begin with regular, daily sadhana at the same time each day, preferably before the sun rises.

We'll see you in four days, everyone, for another happy darshan time! Now, the beautiful Tamil language and the beautiful Malay language. Where is our French-speaking mathavasi? He is not here, maybe he will come in, in the meantime.

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