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Today Gurudeva first answers a question about chronically ill and terminal patients and suffering. He advises that from the Hindu point of view it is best to let the suffering play itself out, as this is the expiration of various karmas of the past. The second question is about rudraksha beads worn by women, which is "OK with Gurudeva" but one should be sensitive to the reaction of friends and relatives. The third question is about the swastika, did Hitler get it from India? He then talks more about samskaras, how they deeply impress the young child who just a few years before was a fully grown adult. Any priest in any Hindu temple worldwide can advise on the samskaras.

Unedited Transcript:

We want to thank each and everyone for the lovely questions. Let me say a few more words about the sacraments within Hinduism. Personally, I think there are more sacraments in Hinduism than any other religion in the world. They are done with such devotion and such ceremony. The children are impressed, deeply impressed. Little children learn through their eyes,first and through their ears. To explain something to them, is not necessarily important because their knowledge of the native language is not that great. But that does not mean that there is no learning. Who was a 5-year old child, 10 years ago? A great professor, a great scientist, a mother, a grandmother or grandfather. A totally developed person now, in a 5-year old body. But, the intelligence is not 5 years old.

So, Hindus all over the world, I am speaking to you. Be sure that your children have the divine sacraments of your religion. Go to any priest in any Hindu temple in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia. All over the world, they are there and they will tell you the proper sacraments to have at the proper moments within a child's life. Don't neglect the children. It is your sworn duty, as members of the great religion, called Hinduism.

We'll be back again in just a few days. Keep sending those wonderful questions. I have 3 questions here, all from one person, that I will answer when we are back again and the doors of cyberspace Ashram are open on the beautiful, beautiful garden island of Kauai. And now, Tamil language, French and Malay.

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A better word than death is transition, passing into a new form of life--life into life. It is similar to moving to a new country, having completed all of one's tasks. Death is a closing of the door on deeds well done, on all beneficial karmas.