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Caring for Aged and Infirm Elders

Cyber-devotee, Shekar, asks about caring for elderly parents. Is a nursing home an option? Gurudeva advises Shekar to care for his parents at home, and in the case of someone needing care, that the care should be from the family members, with hired help if necessary, as long as the parent knows that the family cares and can feel their love.

Unedited Transcript:

A question from a cyberspace devotee, Shekar asks about elderly parents being kept within the home or within a nursing home, which would be better?

Well when you where born Shekar your parents probably at times wanted to put you in an orphanage but hey didn't do it. They didn't put you out of the house. They compensated and made arrangements to take of you during those tender years as you must with your parents during their advanced years. Strangers can give medicine on time, they can change bed clothes but they can't give love on time, they have no love to give. So if you really, really love your parents take care of them while you have the chance to show that you really, really love your parents.

Continuation of this same question. What should be done with a bed ridden elder, should we hire help or take turns?

It would be best to take turns but to hire help would be all right also as long as you're taking turns and the elderly person is feeling very, very comfortable, cared for and happy with loved ones around him.

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