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Marriage Compatibility

A cyberspace devotee inquires about the physical, mental and emotional compatibility in a marriage. Gurudeva says that the astrological compatibility of the couple tells us the physical and emotional compatibility of the couple plus the karmas of the future.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace devotee at, by the name of Eric, is trying to help a couple with their marriage. He heard about the compatibility, physical, mental and emotional compatibility and wonders how this can come about.

There are many levels to a marriage and to compatibility. The astrological compatibility will tell us the physical and emotional compatibility, as well as the karmas of the future. However, there is a cultural compatibility, as well as, social compatibility and intellectual compatibility that must be taken into account for a very wholesome relationship. That means, the couple must enjoy the same friends, the same music, the same television programs and be able to talk intelligently on one another's intellectual level. All of this should be in place before the marriage vows are taken.

Now, there are two kinds of people. Those who can solve problems within a relationship and those who avoid solving problems in a relationship. Two virgins who become married are more likely to solve the problems that come up within the relationship, than to separate. Two promiscuous people who have gotten married, who have had other relationships prior, will find it much easier to move on to somebody else than to face and solve a problem.

So, knowing all of this, you can summarize whether it is worth your while, trying to help with the marriage.