imageChakrapani Ullal, renowned Jyotisha Shastri, named by the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences as Jyotisha Kovid and Jyotisha Vachaspati; Los Angeles, California

The Lemurian Scrolls by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami is an inspired account of human evolution, documenting the journey from Satya Yuga to the present Kali Yuga, comprising millions of years. It bears an interesting relationship to ancient mythology and epics including the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. In these and other ancient literatures references are made to human life in subtle light bodies of vastly refined abilities. This indicates that exalted states of human consciousness existed in the distant past. It makes fascinating reading, and I recommend it to anyone who has thoughtfully pondered our origins.

imageDee See Mana, Founder, Touch the Earth Foundation, representative of the Hopi Native American tribe of Arizona; Solana Beach, California

Throughout the Hopi creation stories, our art, rituals, the solar and lunar cycles, there is always a reminder of those who have come before and left the knowledge for those to follow, weaving a rich tapestry of origin and humanity together as one spiritual family. Instructions, warnings and prophecy acted out and demonstrated daily in stories, art, songs and rituals serve as a living record of a Divine Ancestry. It is common knowledge, even if unspoken, among all our Indigenous Ancestors of a greater heritage left to us from Lemuria and Mu, the “Mother Land.” Our elders have long taught from these ancients who left us messages etched in stone on tablets and carved in special places—the places of the unseen akashic records—of how mankind has a deeper heritage in the Sky Nations and how for thousands upon thousands of years there was order and bounty here on Mother Earth, our true physical home. We are taught, as revealed in Lemurian Scrolls, that we came to the Earth to be of service, to learn deep spiritual lessons and help others do the same. The Ancient Hopis, when viewing the world, look at a universe in balance and bring this balance in concert with other worlds which support our experience here on the Mother Earth, the inner knowing of the Sun as father, and that together we are here to look after the well being of the land and life. Although using different names, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami has bridged and woven the enlightening truth. Ever patiently a spiritual guide and teacher of Sanatana Dharma, Gurudeva again reveals that “Truth is One, paths are many.” This truth from our Ancient Ones reminds us of where our very souls originate, a place where all creation stories are the same, the place where we are all one, where the Holy Ancestors have been with us through our whole development and always came to interface with us in these special times in history, as described so well in Lemurian Scrolls. It was a time when “the ones who walk the Earth were Knowers of the Unknowable and held the Truth in the palms of their hands” throughout all the worlds and stages of development on these Many Beads. This has happened and is most likely still happening today.

imageDr. David Frawley, O.M.D., Vedacharya; Director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies; author: Ayurvedic Healing, Astrology of the Seers; co-author, The Yoga of Herbs, Santa Fe, New Mexico

According to Hindu Dharma, consciousness pervades the entire universe. Our own planet Earth is closely connected with other worlds, both physical and astral, and their inhabitants. Lemurian Scrolls weaves a fascinating account of how human life derives from these realms beyond and remains linked to a higher evolutionary purpose. The book discloses deep secrets of how the various worlds and dimensions interrelate, including how to contact the forces and beings of the higher planes. Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, reflecting the vision of a rishi, shows the spiritual basis of human evolution and guides us to a new transformation in planetary consciousness. He reveals the occult history of humanity that science has so far failed to discover, offering a radical change in the estimation of our species and its potentials. Lemurian Scrolls will greatly expand the awareness of the reader, putting human history in a cosmic perspective and aiding in the reconciliation of scientific, occult and spiritual knowledge. The book can be used to harmonize New Age insights with ancient wisdom, bringing Hindu Dharma to the forefront of the emerging global age. It certainly provides one of the most innovative views of Hinduism to come out in modern times.

image John Grimes, Ph. D, Professor in the Dept. of Religious Studies, Michigan State University; author: Ganapati: Song of the Self, and A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy; East Lansing, Michigan

There are more things in heaven and earth, past and future, than one could ever dream of. In this new groundbreaking book, internationally renowned Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami reveals a subject which at first sight appears obscure and arcane, and explores, elucidates, digests and distills it. If the subject matter was originally ancient and mystical, here is a treatment which is fresh and insightful and most relevant to today’s world.

image Sri Sri Swami Chidanand Saraswati (Muniji), President, Parmath Niketan; Founder, India Heritage Research Foundation; Rishikesh, India

This divine book, Lemurian Scrolls, records the mystic readings of H.H. Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. As you delve into this sacred text, you will learn invaluable truths regarding the divine origin of life and how souls journeyed to the Earth four million years ago. Further, Gurudeva’s beautiful work insightfully reveals the early struggles of man, shining light on both our human and our divine heritage. As one reads, it becomes clearer and clearer how deep our need is for spiritual guidance and inspiration in this age of Kali Yuga. The message of this book is beautiful and uplifting, yet it has been restricted to monks for a quarter of a century. By the grace of H.H. Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, this wisdom is now available to seekers around the world. H.H. Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami is a wonderful example of service and devotion. His life has been one filled with piety, dedication and commitment. God has bestowed wonderful blessings upon him and his work. Those who are graced to know him or to read his words receive boundless gifts of wisdom, inspiration and spiritual upliftment. I pray to the Lord Almighty that this book will get the widespread attention and praise of which it is worthy.

image P. R. Krishna Kumar, M.D., Managing Director, Arya Vaidya Pharmacy; Managing Editor of the Ancient Science of Life; Trustee, Vishwa Hindu Parishad; Managing Trustee, Ayurvedic Trust; Coimbatore, India

Lemurian Scrolls is indeed a work from an enlightened person. Only Gurudeva could have written a book so divine and deep. To all those who are inclined towards spirituality and seeking the Truth, this book is a must. Most revered Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, in his fervent efforts as a panthentheist to delve deep into the fathoms of the unbelievable changes if Sat Yuga (Krita Yuga) cuts across the Pancha Dweep and Sapta Sagaras, was beckoned by the Lord to Jambu Dweep, also known as Lemuria, to receive the bliss of enlightenment of Sat Yuga. The revelation is unique and singular and the narration so captivating and absorbing, giving an insight into the supernatural powers with the wondrous spectacular shows of how the race of Sat Yuga could freely change their bodies from one form to another and move from place to place, lifting themselves in the air, living without food, sleep and all other necessities of life as we see now in this Kali Yuga, solely powered by the spine’s powerhouse of muladhara chakra located at the lowest three and one-half rings and transmitted through sahasraradala padma. Indeed, this marvelous book, Lemurian Scrolls, is a gift to mankind to be treasured by people of all ages as coming from the divine spirit of Gurudeva, the greatest explorer to unravel the mysteries of yugas dating back many millions of years, and is a priceless presentation to mankind to reach the Ultimate. The human race should be eternally indebted to Gurudeva for his tireless efforts for the emancipation of mankind and attainment of Ultimate Bliss.

image Arthur Pacheco, counselor, healer, astrologer, theosophist, occultist, medium and parapsychologist, lecturer on psychic development, cosmic laws, mediumship and astrology; Honolulu, Hawaii

Not since the days of the Theosophical seers Madame Blavatsky and Charles Leadbeater has there been in print such in-depth and detailed reading of the akashic records as is found in the Lemurian Scrolls. Having been fascinated by their work in this area for many years, it was with great delight that I enjoyed reading this great manuscript. And just as their works collectively pointed always to a higher version of mankind’s true origins and history than was commonly accepted at the time, so also do the Lemurian Scrolls clearly define man’s divine history and destiny. This is the “big picture” that science is looking for. One reads of how Helena Blavatsky would sit open-eyed for hours at a time reading from some invisible volumes held before her gaze, and from these drew all the information that was compiled and later presented as Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. And then to read of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami’s account of how he received this information is to hear the same story told again of how these things are revealed at intervals when Higher Forces choose certain people through whom to pour this enlightening information. May it be well received by a humanity seeking its spiritual “roots.”

image Sri Sri Swami Bua Maharaj, Centenarian, Founder and Head, Indo-American Yoga-Vedanta Society, New York; Teacher of Sanatana Dharma in South America and elsewhere; New York

Mystics have pondered over the mystery of this universe from beginningless time and have arrived at different conclusions according to their understanding. The conclusions are divergent because they are arrived at from different angles. It is to be noted that all these are about that great mystery which cannot be known in its totality. Divine wisdom reveals itself to the chosen and deserving souls who become channels of dissemination of that secret knowledge to posterity. Lemurian Scrolls are not ordinary spiralled bunches of some unestablished, unintelligible or unproven hallucinations or imaginative dreams of an individual. They are angelic prophecies retrieved from Lord Subramaniam’s Library and revealed to the inner eyes of one of the greatest saints of modern times who read these akashic scripts through his clairvoyance. Such revelations are quite probable and possible according to the wonderful powers of yoga. We are extremely fortunate now to be exposed to these revelations due to the magnanimity of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, who has decided to put these in print after keeping them within the reach of only his cloistered monks for 25 years. The question whether the planet Earth came into being first or life was existing before bas been answered in this revelation to Gurudeva. During Satya Yuga man migrated from other planets to Earth. Life was not produced out of nothing. Life always existed in one form or other. This is the message of reassurance to the human beings who are now and then threatened with Pralaya, Black Day, End of the World, et al. There are 27 chapters here that narrate the upward evolution of the soul from the time of the advent of man on this planet. Yugas after yugas roll as time marches on and the human spirit, undaunted by new challenges of time, proceeds towards its goal, ably directed by the Gods, the gurus and the doctrine. The importance of developing the yogic power of kundalini is outlined. The divine qualities of foods are emphasized. The need for dispassion and a genuine turn in life is equally stressed. Devotion to guru is highlighted. The supremacy of monastic life is upheld. Spiritual discipline and cultivation of the cardinal virtues of life are exhorted. The ordinary beings are given the chance to know the secrets and mysteries of monasteries by opening the iron doors and creating cleavages in the stone walls. This is the greatness of Gurudeva. The births of temples, formation of monasteries, identification of devas and Mahadevas and the guru-shishya relationship are all explained in detail. The messages are that life is to live, live purposefully and there is no end to life.

image M.C. Bhandari, President, Bharat Nirman NRI Foundation; Chairman, Occult Foundation of India; Editor-in-Chief, Mystic India monthly magazine; named Jyotish Ratna by the World Astrological Institute; Calcutta, India

“Cosmos exists, life comes and goes. How does it happen, none of us knows. Who made the stars and who made all these suns? How they affect us, how we take breath? What is that consciousness, where we go after death? What a miraculous creation, what a miraculous mind? Is not all that mystic, should we not them find?” These words appearing in the beginning of each issue of our monthly magazine Mystic India are the perennial questions being asked by humanity from time immemorial. Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami of Saiva Siddhanta Church has now made it easy to find answers to them in his new book, Lemurian Scrolls, which he has transcribed from the messages that he has received from the cosmos by his clairvoyant powers. In the mystic world, it is possible to connect one’s inner self with the cosmic forces attunable to him and receive as well as perceive happenings of the past, present and future. Sri Subramuniyaswami, attuning himself to his link in the outer world, has found answers to many mysteries of the world. In this book he gives vivid description of how this world, particularly our planet Earth, came into being and how all the systems of health, healing, diet, waters, gases, flowers, fruits, animals and human beings came into existence and got evolved. He also describes gold and jewels and all other matter. He also tells about devas, satgurus, religion, monasteries, priests and everything on Earth on the basis of his cosmic messages. This book indeed is very enlightening, educative and exciting.

image Sri Sri Swami Pragyanand, Founder/Patron, Sai Pragya Dham, Pragya Mission International, Pragya Mitra Pariwar and Pragya Yoga Foundation, New Delhi, India; Vishwa Mata Gayatri Trust, Delhi, India

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami is recognized as a legend, one of the foremost personalities of Hinduism. This book reveals to the readers his inner vision in a lucid and candid transparency presented through clairvoyant siddhis gifted to him by his satguru, Siva Yogaswami. The origin of life in the universe has been forever the greatest mystery and challenge for exploration. Nevertheless, many theories, such as the Darwinian theory of evolution, Yin-Yang, Big Bang, Purusha and Manu, have been advanced and widely accepted. Yet, all remain imperfect, as most suffer from the basic lack of the most important factor—the element of Godliness. It is now established that physical existence is not the ultimate Truth, and a transcendental intelligence, rather wisdom, is inherent in the evolution of the Universe. The present book is a divine effort to clarify the advent of life on Earth and the experience of man on Earth through various yugas. Vivid description of monastic life—admission, training, dietary regimen and Divinity vis-à-vis seasonal changes and illness, discipline and avenues of selfless service to suffering humanity—can easily coax and cajole interest in and envy of a highly advanced Siva-Sakti sadhaka. In this time of transition, this nectar-like book renders a simple and fluent reading of, keeping interest alive until the last word and beyond. ¶It may not be out of context to refer to the scientifically developed theory of Stephen Hawking on how time began and his conclusion that it will never end. Hawking’s new theory of “Open Inflation” is widely accepted by scientists but still held in skepticism by the astronomers in his latest investigation of the fraction of a second before the Big Bang, discovering the fuse that detonated the primordial explosion that created the universe 12 billion years ago, hence forming time, space and matter. The theory anticipates important support when an American satellite will be launched in two years time to map the microwave radiation left over by the Big Bang. The universe has a creator and is certainly infinite. ¶Referring back to Lemurian Scrolls, such a book wouldn’t be forthcoming if its author did not have communion with the Lord, the almighty Siva. Such a gem of creativity shall be a prized and much-coveted possession of all mankind interested in Self Realization, the ultimate Truth and goal of every mystic. Thus I offer divine endorsement to Lemurian Scrolls and wish a global reading making life more meaningful, effective and enlightening by luminary exposure to the Divine.

image Sri Sri Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, named Saravbhom Sanatan Jagadguru by the World Religious Parliament; Spiritual Head, International Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram Fellowship; Vienna, Austria

With Lemurian Scrolls, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami introduces us to an exciting thesis which challenges Western science and the popular belief held in many religions about the origin of man. Contradicting the Darwinistic postulate that human beings have evolved from lesser earthly species, it represents a new view of the evolutionary process: the evolution of souls originated from other planets towards Self Realization. We learn that millions of years ago our progenitors, highly-developed divine souls from several planets of the galaxy, undertook the risk of migrating to Earth where they could complete their unfoldment to the final realization of the Self, willing to undergo the experience of duality which comprehends love and joy as well as stress and pain. In a thrilling journey through time and space the divine visions of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami lead us through the cycles of the four yugas, describing in a very lively manner the development of consciousness, its descendence into matter as well as its ascendence to enlightenment and liberation. His disclosures about the origins of temples, monastery culture and the master-disciple relationship are in accordance with the tradition of Sanatana Dharma and spiritual scriptures of other religions of the world. Holy adepts preserve the knowledge of our divine origin, abilities and meaning. Though not bound to this planet, they remain here to rescue the souls who have lost their subtle nature and have sunk into the darkness of ignorance. The revelations of Lemurian Scrolls expand our view and understanding of the essential questions mankind has always asked: from where do we come, where will we go, what is the origin and mission of our lives? They ensure us that there exists a divine course of evolution, that we are guided by illustrious and enlightened souls who have helped and guarded us since the beginning of our physical existence and who will lead us eventually to our goal, the complete realization of our Divine Self. The writer rightly hopes that reading of this book would invest the reader with a new vision or outlook on life. He wants the reader to take these scrolls in their totality and make them a living, vital reality of life. I am sure that if the readers adopt this attitude, they will find the scrolls meaningful and delightful.

image Dr. Shripad Dattatraya Kulkarni, renowned historian, author of Bhishma, Study of Indian History and Culture (18 volumes), translator of the Vedas; Mumbai, India

The current Sat Yuga has begun. Thus reveals Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, Gurudeva, as he is affectionately called by his millions of followers in over 40 countries of the globe. He is the seer of the Veda, the book of knowledge walking in flesh and blood, mixing amongst us. He has brought to us, stubborn as we are, this message of love and hope for our more secure future. Gurudeva, the siddha, the spiritualist par excellence, declares in no uncertain terms that “Sat Yuga began around 1879 ce when the inhabitants of the Earth were able to light the night with their own devices.” What a world-shaking angelic prophecy! ¶Lemuria is a mythical heaven on Earth, Hawaii’s Garden Island of Kauai where he has his ashrama on a river bank near the foot of an extinct volcano. There Gurudeva’s inner eye has opened on an array of great manuscripts in the inner library of Lord Subramaniam. He read these volumes, and in the sequel these Lemurian Scrolls have seen the light of the day. They record accurately what was revealed to Gurudeva about human origins. In unmistakable terms Gurudeva records the most pregnant revelation, “Human life did not evolve from lesser Earthly species.” The early societies had developed an integral vision of life, the harmony between the spiritual and the temporal aspects of life resulting in a wealthy, highly productive, harmonious society. For this to happen, spiritual men and women, spiritual sharing of power had to guide the individual and societal effort. The example of such a society is the Dalai Lama’s Tibet where something like one third of the social order was a monastic group which served the spiritual and political needs of the two-thirds family group. Their society remained stable for hundreds and hundreds of years. ¶The Dravidian (Hindu) shastras tell us more or less the same story. This type of society can be ushered in by subordinating the political power to the spiritual one. The fourfold division of society based on aptitude and profession achieved this miracle. It is prophesied that stable and peaceful societies will once again emerge when mankind adopts these wise protocols of the earlier times. Gurudeva is confident that this will happen, for according to him Sat Yuga has begun. ¶Gurudeva, by his revelations, confirms the Puranic account of human origin. The fourfold cycle of yugas, Sat, Treta, Dvapara and Kali, is also what he saw through his inner eye. According to the Puranas, the Kali Yuga covers a span of 432,000 human years. The four yugas together cover 4,320,000 years and this is one cycle. Seventy-one such cycles form one manvantara, and age of man. This works out to 306,720,000 years. Six such manvantaras have so far elapsed from the beginning of this epoch (kalpa) and the seventh manvantara, that of the Vaivasvata, has begun, and seven more such manvantaras have yet to come. ¶These fourteen manvantaras constitute one day of Brahma—the Creator Brahma’s life is 100 years. Fifty such years have elapsed. We are now in the first day of the fifty-first year. In figures, that means 306,720,000 (one manvantara) x 14 manvantaras (this is the day of Brahma) x 14 (his night) x 365 (days of the year) x 100 (years). This is the life of the Brahma. This is a mind-boggling figure, projected by Surya Siddhanta. In brief, this is the Puranic conception of the beginninglessness and endlessness of the cosmos. Surprisingly, Gurudeva, who has clairvoyantly read the volumes placed at his disposal by Lord Skanda’s private librarian, confirms this universal timeline. ¶The Scrolls give the signs of the advent of the Kali Yuga as, “man kills man,…war and turmoil prevails,… drastic climactic changes occur,” and so on. In this way the Scrolls have given in detail the signs of the advent of the other yuga cycles. We are, however, more interested in knowing the signs of the advent of Sat Yuga as from 1879 ce than those of the others. ¶Gurudeva’s personality of Godhead is Skanda, the six-faced Deity who looks in all directions, and will thus inspire us all to lead the life of enlightenment, befitting the Sat Yuga in which we live and have our being. For giving us this vision we are all under deep obligation to Gurudeva. I offer my salutations hundred and thousand fold at his lotus feet.

image Dr. Vidya Sagar Anand, Hindu statesman in the UK, Chairman of the European Council of Hindu Organisations; London, England

A rishi with tremendous inner spiritual powers attained through life-long meditation and austerities shares with us and posterity divine insights into the origin of humankind on this planet. For the past two centuries, mainly in the West, this subject has been treated superficially, giving, or attempting to give, scholastic and scientific backing to the alleged superiority of Nordic Man. The theories of Darwin and some Western charlatans have helped to create the unsustainable myth that “God has made some of us, and not all of us, in His own image.” The scientific mind and the spiritual mind interpret nature and its origins differently. While one, because of its serious limitations and prejudices, sees and perceives the veneer only, the other’s vision is more profound, embracing the external and the internal dimensions. Rarely have the twain met. In Lemurian Scrolls, the illustrious Sivaya Subramuniyaswami illuminates with his graceful and penetrating pen the origins, progress and decline of the human race from time immemorial. Rarely in living memory has this eternally intriguing subject been delineated so painstakingly, authoritatively and lucidly. This is an impressive and enlightening document, a modern and revealing purana, deserving of close study in the East and the West.

image Pundit Ramesh Tiwari, President General, Edinburgh Dharmic Sabha; Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago

This is a masterpiece of dharmic tapestry interwoven with cosmic philosophy which can only come out from such a highly realized soul as Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. May Lord Siva guide Swamiji to lead us into the Golden Age—Sat Yuga.

image Pundit K.N. Navaratnam, M.A.F.A., F.A.A.; Jyotisha Marthand and National Astrologer of Australia; close devotee of Satguru Siva Yogaswami; Sivathondan Center; Hallam, Australia

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswamigal is a living legend forever—a great visionary like his great satguru, Siva Yogaswamigal, as evidenced by many. On the full-moon day in May 1949, when he received the divine strong slap from his master, Satguru Siva Yogaswamigal, he received the graceful enlightenment and thus the visions. If not, how could he have discovered the long-lost ancient Siva Temple at Hawaii related to the ancient Saint Manikkavasagar Swami, narrated in his Hindu scripture known as Thiruvasagam more than 10,000 years or before? ¶Not to mention that I am a visionary, a strong disciple of Satguru Siva Yogaswamigal, born and bred in his Land of Jaffna, associated with him for more than fifteen years. I had a beautiful vision in the year 1991 in that I saw loving Ganesha carrying Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswamigal on his right shoulder and Gurudeva blessing all of us by his right hand. What more testimony is needed?

image Thiru Satkunendran, Assistant Secretary, Sivathondan Nilayam; Toronto, Ontario, Canada

An excellent presentation, interesting to read, easy to understand by any lay person, revealing the long past, present and future of humankind, and the yugas. This rare production of Gurudeva’s with his third eye is a must for every Hindu and all those seeking the truth!

image Thiru L. Nellaiappan, devotee of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami of 25 years; Former Joint Director of Industries, Government of Tamil Nadu, India; Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Lemurian Scrolls, the spiritual treasure of akashic reading revealed through clairvoyance of my beloved guru, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, the spiritual head of Kauai Aadheenam, released after two decades of mystic research and input, is one of the holiest of holy unfoldments for the benefit of mankind during this century. Certainly the future will generate valuable debate, discussion, seminars and intense research among scholars and spiritual seekers about the coming into being of the human race in this world, contrary to other evolutionary scientific theories in belief. It is a rare publication, comparing the concept of other beliefs in an invaluable timeline. This may be called a testament to the values of mankind and a guide book to all monasteries.

image Dr. Canagasabay M. Pillay, Former Chairman, Mauritius Medical Association; Former President, Hindu Maha Jana Sangham; Former Editor, La Lumière; Former Mayor, Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius

The body of scientific knowledge about man’s origin is increasing rapidly. Evolution, followed by the Big Bang theory and recent genetic studies situate the arrival of Homo sapiens at 150,000 years ago in East Africa. Far from being doubly wise through a science outlook, man suffers from a spiritual vacuum. Drug addiction and AIDS are threatening to assume pandemic proportions. There is a crying need for a spiritual worldview of our planet’s history. Lemurian Scrolls brings this spiritual dimension to the arrival of man on Earth, with Earth being part of the wider universe, rather than an Earth-centered genesis. We are privileged that this book, which was unfolded to Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami in a unique spiritual experience, has been made available to the public. Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami is, of course, the ideal person to receive and transmit this spiritual treasure.

image Dr. Kadress Pillay, Minister of Education and Human Resource Development; Mauritius

The mode of life depicted is exactly what one would expect to live when one has attained moksha or satchidananda. Only the blessed could have envisioned such a highly divine form of social organization.