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After the puja, they rode to Yogaswami’s hermitage in Columbuthurai. It was about 7 pm when they arrived. The sun had set, and full moon illumined the landscape. The lamps were lit, and the evening had brought devotees to Swami. The atmosphere was electric—charged with the presence of the satguru. About fifteen people were sitting with him.

No sooner had the screeching of the cart wheels stopped than a voice from the hut was heard loud and clear, “Come, come, come. I am waiting for you.” 

The three visitors climbed down from the bullock cart and had no more than entered the gate when Yogaswami shouted, “Have you seen me before?” The young American answered in the same bold tone of voice, “Yes, just now I just saw you at Nallur Temple.” Then Yogaswami said, “I am in you.” Hansen answered, “I am in you.” Yogaswami proclaimed, “You are in me.” And the young mystic replied, “You are in me.” 
The devotees present were astounded. No one had ever talked in such a way with Yogaswami since the days of Chellappaguru. Usually if he said to a devotee, “I am in you,” the person would respond humbly, “Yes, Swami.” Or he might begin singing a song that Swami had composed. No one ever responded the way this young adept had. He spoke as confidently as Swami himself, and he echoed Swami’s very words.