Polishing Granite

The entire course of Iraivan Temple will be carved manually, even polishing of some stones. Shown in the pictures below are steps involved in polishing of red granite slabs for the sanctum sanctorum background. Thiru Mariappan and Thiru Sellamuthu both specialist in this field take around 12 to 20 days to complete one slab. The process is as ancient as it can be. The finish is truly remarkable.

It involves using iron powder 'Urukupodi' to level the already fine-chiseled surface. This is done by grinding iron powder with a granite block over the slab. Black grinding stone called 'Sannakal' in Tamil, is used next to remove dirt and stains on the granite slab. Third phase involves polishing with Greenstone for a shiny finish. Later bluestone powder is used for a finer look. Using a flat copper spoon, emery powder is then rubbed over the surface with water. Finally white stone powder is smoothen with a flat tin spoon. All the eight red slabs needed has been completed and awaiting shipment. The Crystal Lingam will certainly look outstanding with such fine touch!