Stones for Temple Entrance Tower

The Dwara Gopuram (temple main entrance tower ) is being carved in 8 separate courses and will be assembled accordingly. From left - 'Upagreevam, Karnakoodu Vehigai, Karnakoodu Manjam and Kandam, Karnakoodu Pandagai, First Storey Prastharam, Vethigai and Povukkal, Kandam-Kalabhusanam and Shikaram.' Once completed the tower will be 10 feet and half inch in height and 11 feet seven one quarter inches wide. The shikaram (top capstone of the tower—first in the series below) is carved from a single stone, it is 3 feet tall and 2 feet three inches wide. The center section will be made hollow to reduce its weight. Five Sthupis (Spires) covered with gold will go on top of the shikaram stone.