Jiva Rajasankara Family

Our Iraivan Temple India Carving Site Managers

One of the key figure in the construction of Iraivan, among a galaxy of souls, are the Jiva Rajasankara family, who are managing the carving site in Bangalore. Each day Jiva coordinate the efforts of 20-30 dedicated and talented craftsmen, who have through the years become so inspired with this temple project that they are beginning to contribute to the temple themselves. Nowhere else in India are the workers contributing to the work! With the nurturing of Jiva and his wife, Kanmani, sons Senthilathiban and Thuraisingam, and their wives Neesha and Swapna, the carving site has become a virtual ashram.

Jiva Rajasankara and his family moved from Malaysia to take over the site management in 1994. A sishya of Gurudeva, Jiva introduced a vigorous level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, based on experience of managing his own business.

Kulapati Jiva and his family, who reside at the carving site, are doing very well in overseeing the work and keeping the spirits of the silpis high. Daily puja is attended by everyone at the worksite in the mornings before commencement of work. Jiva also teaches Saivite Hindu Religion course for the silpis while Thuraisingam and Senthilathiban conduct Hatha Yoga classes. This is a unique innovation at Iraivan carving site, which we hope will set a precedent elsewhere. The silpis say they are much more uplifted by these soulful events, and all that refined, spiritual energy is going into their masterful carving.

Along with that, Kulapati Jiva Rajasankara, caring for the future of the silpis, has set up the silpis's Cooperative Savings and the Retirement Benefit Scheme. The silpis now have savings for their future. None of these benefits introduced in our temple project are available anywhere else in India!