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Psychic Hearing, Divine Guidance

Gurudeva discusses psychic hearings, hearing voices from the other side. Gurudeva explains that this is a Siddhi. Also, those who are in a weakened state, about to pass on, sometimes hear voices from the other side, coming unbidden, but the soul knows what is going on. This is a good sign. Gurudeva gives us the yogic view in contrast to what a psychiatrist may say. He tells us about guardian devas and guardian asuras and the souls journey through life.

Unedited Transcript:

Today at Kauai Adheenam. November 25th.

Today has been a wonderful day. Forty senior citizens came. Being a senior citizen myself here, on this beautiful garden island of Kauai, it was a wonderful reunion. We love all of our visitors. A young couple also came. The lady was very strong, the man, not quite so dynamic and they were just going to get married. Gave a little bit of advice. I told him, "If you listen to everything she has to say, you will have a happy marriage." Usually, it is the other way around. But these days women are raised like men and men are often raised like women. It is a crazy time in which we live. We have to be alert to it every day.

Here at Kauai Aadheenam, I am seeing you in our Cyberspace Ashram. It keeps us on our toes, doing these programs everyday. We have Easan Katir and his son Kartikeya here, helping in the library with art archives. We appreciate Easan for doing this very meticulous, careful organizing of priceless art that came from South India. A lifetime of collection from Rajam, in Chennai. His son Kartikeya is eight years old, but more like a twelve year old. He is scanning into digital format, black and white art from the same great artist's lifetime collection of all his sketches before he creates the painting. We are creating a new CD for the Hindu world, black and white line drawings for their various publications. Thank you, Kartikeya. We really appreciate it. At eight years old, you are doing very, very mature work.

We have a question here. Another question from San Diego, a live enquiry on siddhi. Hiteshvara asks about psychic hearing, hearing voices from the other side.

Well, I want to tell you that this is a siddhi, an accomplishment. Psychic people may work many, many years to tune in and develop a very special nerve current, called a nadi, on the right side of the head to actually listen to people talking to them who are in the pretaloka or antarloka. Not from those in the Sivaloka, because that comes from the top of the head.

Also occasionally, people in a weakened state and about to pass on, are coaxed along by a welcoming committee, making them feel like there is somebody on the other side to greet them and to welcome them. Now, if in their subconscious mind, they do not know anything about the inner worlds and the people who live in the inner worlds, thrive in the inner worlds, and are educated in the inner worlds for their next birth, they may be quite disturbed by hearing voices talking to them, coming unbidden. Of course, psychiatrists have all kinds of names for this. But the yogic mystics know it to be a fact and there are many who get their inner direction from within.

My Satguru Yogaswami has always said, "Follow inner orders from divine guidance, from within." Everyone has guardian devas or guardian angels helping them, if they are good people. If they are bad people, they will have guardian asuras, or guardian devils, goading them into the harmful things.

So, it is a very good sign that this is happening. Great confidence will come to souls who are going through this experience, whether they understand it or not because their inner mind, their soul knows what is going on.

Here in our Cyberspace Ashram, we encounter many different states of consciousness daily. Our motto is, "Take care of all the little problems, so that no big problem occurs." That can be your motto too. Anything that comes up during the day that is not harmonious; straighten it out before you go to bed at night, even if you have to stay up an extra hour or two. Even if you have to stay up an extra hour or two, clear the air. You can go to bed without marks or vasanas, as they are called in Sanskrit, in your mind.

Visit Cyberspace Ashram again tomorrow. We will be seeing you and you will be seeing and feeling me. We will make progress on the spiritual path together.