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Stop War in the Home, Muruga Watches, Skanda Shasti

Today Gurudeva familiarizes us with the nature of Lord Muruga who puts dharma into action. Gurudeva discusses Lord Muruga in relation to penance, problem solving, suffering and mitigation of karma.

Unedited Transcript:

Lord Murugan, for those of you who are not familiar with this God, is a little bit difficult to know. Lord Ganesha, is very immediate and very active in the world now, which he demonstrates by drinking gallons and gallons of milk all over the world. We have discovered that in some temples He's still drinking milk. Of course, Lord Shiva is nearer than your hands and feet, more radiant, the sun within you. He is the source of your energy. The source of your light, that lights your thoughts. But Lord Muruga puts dharma into action.

In the ancient kingdoms and even today, the Maharaja is on his throne holding his scepter, which is prepared by many, many homas and many, many pujas by the Aadheenams of South India. Lord Muruga stands behind and speaks into the right ear of the Maharaja giving him instructions of justice, fairness to all, solving problems within his kingdom. His home base is the Pleiades and His natural state is Saravanabhava, the actual true nature of the mind. Without a thought, without a movement, with no karmas interfering. He's known as the God of war. Why? Because He solves problems and He brings peace into homes and countries and to states and nations. He's also a prominent God, bringing in the New Age. Some people are in the New Age right now. Other people are in the Old Age, catching up. It's an overlapping time.

Lord Muruga is the Lord of change, often known as the Red God. Red is the color of burning out old conditions and bringing in the new. Therefore, Murugan is worshiped all over the world through public penance, kavadi, where spears are inserted in the flesh, no blood is drawn. The pain of the kavadi heals the inner part of the mind, so that the karmas are mitigated. He is the God of group karma, often called kukarma or krishna karma or black karma.

You may wonder, why so many groups in the world today are suffering their karmas through hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, small wars? Why all the badness and all the fighting of interrelated families, families against families, fighting within the homes, fighting with the children, husbands fighting with wives and wives fighting with husbands? All finally accuMulates in the community and creates a disaster.

The Dalai Lama explains the condition of His people, driven out of His country because of the accuMulated sins of the Tibetan people that weren't mitigated, that were lived with. They weren't washed away through meditation, through apologies, through showing appreciation to one another, through performing penance, but hidden under the carpet, so to speak. The karmas finally accuMulated and the people lost everything that they had of value - scriptures, books, kingdom, government, religion - and scattered throughout the world.

When Lord Muruga sees this black karma happening, He is there to help each individual. No one is neglected. He adjusts his life or readjusts his life to new surroundings, new acquaintances, friends and even new family ties. So you can see, He is a very, very busy God.