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Protecting Children from Abuse

An e-devotee asks how to protect children from abusive parents and teachers. Gurudeva suggests ways to help, and he makes the point that not only are abusive parents teaching the children that they are not loved, but in countries where it is against the law, they are also teaching them that it is OK to break the law.

Unedited Transcript:

A question from e-mail, from the United Kingdom in England,

Wondering how to protect children from vicious parents who discipline

them through beating, pinching, hitting, locking in closets and

things like that.

Children marched in London protesting a short while ago. There

are many ways you can help, many countries in todays world have

anonymous phone numbers that you can call and report abuse to


In countries and states where it is against the law to perform

these kinds of acts, you can mention in conversations that the

parents are not only teaching the children to be afraid of them but

the parents are teaching the children, that yes it's all right to

break the law, as long as you don't get caught.

You can stand up in your temple society and speak to the

congregation about this subject and we have a lot on the internet

regarding things that you can do, articles that you can read, factual

information to impress the Asian community that they are perpetuating

war. Stop the war in the home we stop the war in the community and

eventually, hopefully in the world

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