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Psychic Intrusion, Looking after Parents

A cyberspace devotee asks how he can remove a deep seeded psychic intrusion in his subconscious mind. Gurudeva explains that in Merging with Siva the Vasana Daha Tantra is explained and can be used to help clear the subconscious mind. Another cyberspace devotee wonders what his dharma is in taking care of his parents in their elderly years. Gurudeva says it is the dharma of the parents to get the children settled in life and in their elderly years the children should take care of them.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace devotee, Jonathan from, wonders how to remove a deep-seated psychic intrusion from the subconscious mind.

Jonathan, in 'Merging with Siva', the Vasana Daha Tantra is explained, of writing the experiences that contain emotion and then burning them up in an inauspicious fire. So start doing this and eventually you will reach what is bothering you and it will go away. If you are practicing a Buddhist meditation and you are serious about it, you should have a Buddhist guru guide you, so you do not get off track.

A cyberspace devotee, who is here today on pilgrimage asks about his parents. He has a big family but wonders what he should do in participation."What is the dharma of taking care of parents in their elderly years?"

Well, it is the duty of the parents to give their children an education, participate in arranging their marriage and blending with the family of the spouse. Get them settled in life so that they are happy and secure - that is the dharma of the parents.

In their elderly years, all members of the family should be inspired, by who is inspired to take care of them and share this dharma equally. If they do not want to, that shows that they want to be neglected in their elderly years. That should be explained to them.

Since the Hindu diaspora reached out throughout the world, elderly parents have been travelling from son to son to daughter to daughter, living in their homes and then moving on to another home. We are recommending a home for the aged, within walking distance from a temple. They can all gather together and grow flowers for the temple, go to the temple everyday, take care of the children who come to the temple and enjoy life. Their children can visit them in their own place. This is because in today's world, where husband and wife are both working, they are often alone in a home or an apartment far away from a temple. Often, they do not get to a temple more than once a week or once a month.

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