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Organ Donation, Vedic Astrology

A cyberspace devotee asks if it is alright for Saivites to donate their organs upon death. Gurudeva says by donating our organs we become earth bound and tied to the person who now has our organs. Another question is put forth to Gurudeva from John Lopez in Malaysia. John wants to know if Vedic astrology is part of Hinduism for some people he knows believe in it more than God. Gurudeva says that Vedic astrology is prominent in all of Hinduism and that it is one of the powers of our Gods.

Unedited Transcript:

A cyberspace cadet in Serenban, Malaysia wants to know, "As Saivite Hindus, should we give our organs upon death, for donation for someone else to use?"

Well, if you want to be earth-bound and not go into the higher worlds, that is a good way to do it. To be tied to the person, who gets your kidney or your heart or some organ that you have donated. If you don't want to be tied to the earth, go through all the positive and negative experiences of the person who had the transplant of your organ and you want to go into the higher realms, then don't donate your organ.

A cyberspace cadet named John Lopez in Malaysia asks, "Is Vedic Astrology part of Hinduism? Can it become addictive? Some people here seem to believe in it more than God."

Well actually, in all of Hinduism, Vedic astrology is a psychiatrist, the marriage counselor, the psychologist. It is one of the powers of our Gods.

You should read the little book, John, 'How to Become a Hindu' and get a strong footing in Sanatana Dharma.

A Western approach is always critical of Hindus, what they do, how they think and how they believe. But, the depths of the Vedic Astrology blended with temple worship, blended with meditation, has kept Hinduism alive century, after century, after century. Hinduism has survived Christian attacks and it is still here on the planet, whereas many other pagan religions have gone away, because of the Western religion's attacks upon them.

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