Matru Patreyennkkindrinin

Tirumurai: Seven, 1st quarter of the ninth century. In varying mood of joyous and triumphant Sudarar, plaintively looking for death. seek to be free from rebirth.

  • Genre: tirumurai Deity: Siva
  • Artists: Rajkumar Manickam
  • Transliteration

    Matru patru enakkindri nin
    thiru paadhame manam paavithen
    Petralum pirandhen ini piravaatha thanmai vaanthey thinen
    Katravar tholu theythum seerkarayooril paandi kodu mudi
    Natravaa unnai naan marakinum
    Sollum naa namah shivayave.


    Not possessing any other afflictions in my heart other than thy feet
    I am standing here O lord
    Abstain me from rebirth
    The one to whom the learned men pray
    O Lord, Even if I forget you
    My lips will forever recite your name.

    Another version of Translation:
    O Siva! You are the emboiment of all religious austerities. You dwell in the Paandi Kodumudi temple in the famous town of Karaiyur, that is worshipped by the learned people. I realized that I have no other refuge except You and meditate on Your Holey Feet. That was when I was truly born. I also achieve that state of not being born again. Even if I were to forget you, my tougue will go on saying Your holy name "Namasivaya"

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