Mystic Mouse-Vol 1

The Hindu Family Interactive Coloring Book

Mystic Mouse, the Hindu Family Interactive Coloring Book, (PDF only) brings the basics of Hindu philosophy and values into the child's world through the fascinating tales of Mystic Mouse and his adventures under the guidance of Sage Lion. The story is based on the teachings found in Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami's book Merging with Siva, Hinduism's Contemporary Metaphysics. In the story, Mystic Mouse's guru, the majestic Sage Lion, is none other than Gurudeva and even speaks his words straight from the text of Merging with Siva with only slight alteration for better understanding by children. Gurudeva worked personally with his swamis to create and edit Mystic Mouse for Hindu families around the world.

The text is sophisticated enough to engage even precocious teenage intellects, but the graphics speak for themselves and will fascinate and visually educate non-reading young children who can also use it as a coloring book. Core Hindu beliefs such as "atma" (soul) "dharma" (right living) are conveyed in charming and human ways. This is the perfect text for teachers of Hinduism in temple classes challenged by a broad age group. The web and ePub versions include all eighteen chapters. The three printed volumes each contain 6-7 lessons. One volume can thus provide for six weeks of your annual syllabus. Or, take copies to summer camp and do a lesson each day for a week. Each chapter ends with a series of questions that serve as a guide for parents and teachers to explain the text and a launching point for discussion among older youth.