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Gurudeva's Life on Kauai

a. Almost daily at Kauai Aadheenam, visitors would meet Gurudeva in the Guru Pitham, sharing their life’s purpose and problems, receiving spiritual counsel and leaving with a book and life-affirming blessing. b. An early morning dream of a perfect crystal Sivalingam led Gurudeva to a giant, six-sided, single- pointed sphatika. Unearthed by miners in 1975, the same year as his vision of Iraivan, it arrived on Kauai in 1987. c. Each year during the July festival of Guru Purnima the monks and devotees paraded Gurudeva in a chariot down the San Marga path to the Svayambhu Sivalingam where pada puja was performed. d. Gurudeva loved to meander in the monastery’s sacred gardens. These solitary walks almost always had a purpose, and he often returned with new insights, ideas and plans for the future to share with the monks. e. The Kularnava Tantra proclaims, “At the root of meditation is the form of the guru. At the root of puja are the feet of the guru. At the root of mantra is the word of the guru, and at the root of all liberation is the grace of the guru.”